Does Parenting Crimp Your Spiritual Development?

Mar 16, 2022 | Parenting, Spirituality

Does Parenting Crimp Your Spiritual Development?

Are you somewhere in a spiritual transformation, or maybe you just want more time to commit to your mystical pursuits? Has this brought you to wonder if it’s possible to raise a family while honoring your spiritual awakening? Are you questioning if being a parent crimps your spiritual development?

Over my years of working as a psychic and coaching other in spiritual matters, the challenge of raising children and having time and energy for a vibrant spiritual practice has come up often. It is not uncommon, when a person has a shift in their inner world, they suddenly want to jump 100 percent into the metaphysical world.

Occasionally seekers wonder how to continue the constant caring for children while honoring their spiritual path.

The frustration of not being able to commit to your new channeling ability or tarot reading skills, is not often brought up in children play groups. If anyone reading this has experienced frustration and guilt because you have very little time for your metaphysical practices you are not alone.

The good news is you don’t have to be the fasting monk, or guru on the mountain, to honor your true path. The huge spiritual transformation in my life happened when I had three kids at home. I have had the pleasure of sharing my beliefs and practices with them through almost all stages of their childhood. Occasionally it brought up opportunities for them to rebel, but overall, I know spirituality is a cornerstone of their belief system.

We each come with different talents to share with the world. Our Earth is gifted with people in all walks of life that hold deep connections to source. They integrate love and high vibrations everywhere they go, many of them are parents. Keep reading and discover how raising children can help you discover your truth and create a very spiritual life.

Ten Ways Being a Parent Helps Your Spiritual Evolution

Vulnerability goes hand in hand with raising children. This is the energy of surrendering, which is one of the beautiful places we find ourselves as our faith grows.

Let go and let God, is basically the mindset needed to raise children. You will be tested time and time again. One of our biggest lessons in life is learning how to let go, and stop trying to control life. When you can master letting go, in one area of your life, all areas of your life will shift.

The strong bond you develop, even before you see your child for the first time, is a psychic one. Let this bond lead the way to building other psychic connections.

Vulnerability and surrendering opens your heart like nothing else. Moving through life with an open heart is a very spiritual practice.

Young children are often open to the unseen. This can be an opportunity to notice if you are able to pick up any energy of loving ancestors or angels that visit your child.

Children are connected to now. The younger they are, the more their focus is on now, not the future or the past. This is a great reminder for us, as adults, to stay present in the moment.

Raising children is a great way to learn the value of setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care. If you don’t set boundaries, you can become stressed and overburdened. You can also become overwhelmed if you don’t have boundaries and good self-care when doing metaphysical work. Boundaries and good self-care are needed for sustainable spiritual and parental practices.

Your spiritual practice and cosmic connection will expand as you integrate them into your family’s life. It’s really fun to teach your kids about crystals, angel numbers and life’s possibilities.

Young children are magical thinkers; this is infectious. It is a gift to be around someone that is present in the moment and believes in magic!

It’s fun to see how children are naturally excited and grateful for some of the most unexpected things. It’s also interesting as a parent to notice your children may appreciate different things than you. This goes back to letting go and letting God:)

One last thing; young children keep you active and on the ground. It is literally easier to stay grounded, when you are on the ground playing:) Each developmental stage your children go through, holds opportunities for a shift in your awareness.

One of the most challenging lessons in this life is learning to balance all the beautiful pieces of who you are in the different roles of your life.

This requires mindful living and awareness of your truth. What better way to achieve these skills, then raising children that will go on and share your message for future generations, just as you are shining the light of your loving ancestors.

If you find yourself struggling with connecting and finding balance in your world, reach out to me at Let’s discover your greatest gift, so you can share it with others.

Channeled Message

You are equipped to connect with higher frequencies and Universal energies and pull them down into the vortex of your life. Imagine weaving light into all your activities and sharing magic with all your words. This awareness of light in action is a gift to the world.


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