Welcome to the Energy of the Week for March 20, 2022

Happy Spring🌱. This week holds the energy for supported change.. You will be offered opportunities to notice the support in your life both the seen and unseen. You are also offered the taste of bad medicine .. this might be an old story, old behavior or old partner that tries to camouflage themselves into a new version. You get to spit the bad taste out of your mouth for good. You will also have the opportunity to notice where love has landed in your life. This might surprise you. You may find a sweet memory or softness that has left an imprint in an area of your world that you had believed to be painful or unkind. What this means is, don’t be surprised if you get a really wonderful gift in the most unexpected places .. Remember you are loved and protected, purge what is not good for you and say yes to the beautiful things that reveal themselves to you ❤️ Have a wonderful week think some prayerful thoughts for our world🙏