Welcome to the Energy of the Week for August 7, 2022

First off, there is a little bit of a psychedelic to the energy this week.. With this being said, everything you need to experience an amazing, and even life altering trip, is in your head. Breath work is helpful but don’t be afraid to fall off the cliff and loose yourself in a deep meditation.. you will find your way back home, but with more clarity. It’s also interesting because you may notice that all of a sudden you have new followers that want what you have .. magic and peace of mind. The second part of this energy is the impact it has on your depth or point of view. It’s almost as if somethings grow smaller in the rear view mirror and it’s easy to leave them behind.. The key to success with this energy is knowing you have control of where u put your attention .. so focus on your dreams and allow the other to fade away .. this is your choice .. but we do have a certain type of psychedelic chemistry avail to us …. And one other thing don’t get caught in the spiral .. if an old habit, pattern or cell mate comes up , do not engage. This is a great week to finally see your accomplishments, courage and mysterious talents .. have fun 🔮🧘🏼‍♂️