Welcome to the Energy of the Week for December 13, 2020

I love a good break thru or moment where everything falls into place .. and that can happen this week .. especially if it involves children 🧘‍♀️.

Let’s talk about what will happen before the breakthrough. There is the potential for someone to present themselves in a way that is not truthful .. a bit deceptive .. this is not my usual way of sharing .. but deception came up twice when I was looking into this week .. so pay attention to who you put your trust in. if you find things involving housing or other big-ticket items; you may need to seek professional advice .. enough is enough ✨.

So somethings have fallen into your life to offer contrast .. you get to decide what you want .. have you reached the point that you are ready to release your fears and accept harmony? This week can offer amazing opportunities as soon as u walk away from what has been troubling you .. release the pain and celebrate .. enjoy the roller coaster week that lands you at the perfect place ✨🧘‍♀️📿