Energy of the Week: December 2, 2018

Dec 2, 2018 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the enchanting energy of the week for Dec. 2, 2018
This week we have the possibility to completely rewrite and renew our thinking and relationships… An abundance of new energy has been released by our Earth… There is the enchanting almost seductive pull to fall into the same old patterns and beliefs. We have just been given an opportunity to experience the world in a whole new light…

  • New Insights
  • New Health
  • New Relationships
  • New Awareness

Imagine yourself being at a pause or resting point. You are on a small outlook surrounded by water… you can choose to enter the water and allow the current to take you to your familiar life and beliefs… or you can look up and discover an entire world waiting for you to take a leap of faith and fly. This energy that is slightly chaotic, but creative and abundant can bring you to places you before could not even imagine.. dream.

Do plan a trip with a friend.☀️It’s a great week to trust… trust you are being shown the way and go for it! Decrease logic… increase heart awareness. I invite you live courageously and trust what your heart knows to be true. Humanity at large has not recognized our true potential… This week pieces of awareness can settle into the collective consciousness.
This week is all about adventure potential and optimism. I am free to find my own path and have the power and sight for my personal journey. On a side note… recognize that as some people begin to see our potential… other people will remain in the past… this brings a greater separation between how individuals perceive the world… this brings change in friends, work, politics… Follow your heart. ❤️

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