Experiencing Protection

Dec 6, 2018 | What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You


​I stepped into the shower, noticing a glass bottle of vinegar that someone had used on their hair. Once again I made a mental note to not leave glass in our stone shower.

While enjoying the warm water I was thinking about my day. I put conditioner on my hair enjoying the luscious smell. An ominous sound entered my awareness. I then began to feel the shower move underneath my feet. We were experiencing an earthquake, a big earthquake.

No time to turn off the water, I grabbed a towel and bolted. My son, the dogs and I ran down the stairs and out the door. Before the power went out I noticed art work on the ground or hanging precariously on the walls. It was like looking at everything in slow motion. I could hear the sounds of shaking and falling. I could see the destruction. Time stopped.

Once outside I stood barefoot in the snow hugging our son. Our dogs were completely confused, one ran away. I don’t remember even feeling cold. I had practically nothing on, wet, in 20 degree temperatures. I regrouped and took a deep breath.

As I hugged Finn, I reminded him we are always protected. We will be OK. As the Earth beneath our feet calmed down, we went back inside. There was no power and the sun was not up yet. I returned to the shower to rinse my hair. The after-shocks continued.

Finn looked for the run-away dog. I walked through our home. It could have been much worse. Only glass objects were broken, no structural damage was apparent. I touched base with my husband and other family members. We were all in semi shock, but doing fine.

As I cleaned up pieces of glass I thought about protection. What is this protection I promise myself and our children? Today called for me to dig deeper into my spiritual beliefs and reckoning on protection.

​I know miracles occur. A person can experience an accident and unbelievably walk away unharmed. Is this because of their protection, or simply a spiritual wake-up call? An invitation to live a more insightful life? Maybe it is both.

We are guided by a higher power, and through this guidance, we are offered protection. This helps us stay on our purposeful path. The Earthquake did not clearly fit either of these versions of protection.

I was however, reminded of the power of our Earth, and all the unseen energies in our world.

My thoughts took me to the idea that we will eventually all leave our human body. There is no protection from that experience. But maybe it is a protection that travels beyond our physical self that we need to connect with. Through everything our human-self experiences, our soul is always protected and loved. The highest form of ourselves expands with the insight of each experience.

We are always protected in a much greater capacity then protection from harm’s way.

As the sun came through the windows I was able to pick up more of the shattered glass and art work. Using a flashlight I looked into the shower. The glass bottle of vinegar was broken, pieces all over the floor. Somehow I had been guided, or even protected from cutting my feet, when I returned to wash the conditioner from my hair.

Being able to hug my son, breathe deep, and remind him of our protection, helped us both connect to a higher place that does always protect us in the best possible way.  Our love and eternal connection is always protected.

Later in the day we had to leave our house for a possible gas leak. Eventually the fire department determined it was a false alarm. Our community expressed gratitude for the caring of neighbors, friends, family and professionals. Together we raised the vibration from fear to love.

That night by candle light my husband, son and I played cards. Our daughters were safe. The dogs were all home. We all enjoyed the protection found in our thoughts.

Channeled Message

We extend our love and guidance to you…

Sit and take note of the life that surrounds you. Every aspect of your soul is permeated with the awareness and love of all. You are, we are, so close to being able to begin a fresh. Experience the world as a place of peace, love, delight and joy.

There is no separation. Your thoughts and experiences complete all thoughts and experiences.

The void is filled with the promise of all that is; eternal expression of love.

It is this awareness that is being shared.

The Universe is completing a cycle.

The new energy is helping to shut down and remove the confusion. The way of love is being shown with the brightest light possible. It can be felt in your chest and experienced with your mind…

You are aware that everything is transient, yet always available.  Lasting is your brilliant light… your lasting love and forgiveness… your ability to stand tall and courageously bare your heart and mind, to finally receive the most miraculous healing…

The telling moment reveals the connection to the Earth, plants, animals and yourself. In every moment we have been waiting for you to remember your internal peace and beauty… with trembling arms the Earth is wrapping you in new love…  Trust.

End of Channel

After the earthquake everything was oddly silent. No sirens, cars or planes were noticeable. A raven flying above the trees, outside our home was the first reminder of normal life. Eventually this was broken by military helicopters flying above my house. The experience served me well. I learned we have the opportunity to recognize the wisdom of the raven or the disruption of the helicopter.


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