Welcome to the Energy of the Week for July 26, 2020

Don’t talk about it… Do it ✅

This week is all about expansion and life lessons being easy… if you allow your heart to lead the way.

Use your disappointments and struggles as a platform for changing your life. Imagine finding yourself in the position to better understand your choices and why you experience life as you know it.

You are surrounded by past decisions, take a breath, and use these as a way to push yourself into a higher vibration, more love, and more ease.
They no longer control your life/thoughts.. you control the beliefs surrounding your life .. and these beliefs are shifting… take a giant step up… clear your mind and show others the way… balance action with following and trusting your heart.

This week we are set up to experience challenges/lessons.. if we are trying to force others, ourselves, change in a way that is not aligned with our heart .. so no pushing .. communication and IT stuff will break down .. if not used lovingly.

We will have ease if we work from heart space… speak from the heart… good communication and even action when coming from the heart…
have fun .. stand up and use your lessons to help others .. enjoy ❤️