Welcome to the Energy of the Week for July 31, 2022

I love it.. This energy holds the potential of passion, love, drama, discoveries and even the energy of finally seeing your worth against the story you have created. It gives us a platform to create lasting memories🔮. Imagine you are at a street fair. There are so many colors, types of nourishment and sounds to choose from. You find yourself seeking a quiet corner. It is here that you find a magician practicing for his /her final act. You observe them pulling out the colored scarves, reaching deeper and deeper into a bag, the colored scarves are growing fewer and fewer. Eventually the magician pauses and recognizes it is past time to try something new. There is a new source of magic that is waiting to be tapped into. The magician then must answer the question of, who I am doing the magic for? Possibly the magician recognizes he/she never needed an audience in the first place. As you observe the frustration give way to awareness you might ponder.. Who do I act as the magician for in my life? Is it time to switch to new magic? Who is my magician ? Who do I lean on to change things, make things appear? Expect lots of starts, change of plans, and sudden twists and turns .. this after all is a week of magic, discovery. Ask yourself if you trust what you are seeing. Maybe revisit contracts etc , or get a second opinion. Don’t expect anything to stay the same. Enjoy the moment , have fun.. last but not least remember this holds the energy of stories being made .. so what ever you do.. there will be lasting consequences.. use your magic .. let others use theirs 🌎❤️🔮