Energy of the Week March 22, 2021

Mar 22, 2021 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the week that holds sweet medicine for your body, mind and soul.. March 21, 2021.

Imagine standing so near the veil that you are able to distinguish the ribbons of energy that create the separation between you and the unknown or unseen… As you look at the beautiful strands of energy you recognize their is no separation between you and the highest vibrations / God / angels or Universe .. unless you wish for that experience .. you are also given the opportunity to see that each ribbon or strand of energy that has created the perception of the veil is a lesson that needs to be released or unlearned .. This week is all about recognizing your inner wisdom, celebrating your intuition and even looking at challenges and knowing the strength and fortitude you tapped into .. it is now safe to release all the lessons that no longer serve you .. it is safe to release any fear of the unknown and it safe to finally see your reflection in every miracle around you .. let go and celebrate .. your lessons are learned .. you can clearly connect with all sources of love … ♥️

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