Welcome to the Energy of the Week for May 15, 2022

Maybe it’s because we are experiencing an amazingly powerful full moon, or maybe it’s just because it’s time for a shift…. Whatever the reason get ready to experience some poetic moments and life altering thoughts. We may see poetic justice play out, that leaves us feeling a little twisted .. relieved, yet saddened the whole thing needed to play out. This can be in any area of your life that you have emotional ties to. It’s an amazing time to really appreciate stillness, music and all restorative expressions. Start journaling.. really examine what you want in life and you want to feel. Express yourself . Many pieces of you, that may have been buried deep are going to come up to the surface. You will experience a releasing of old thoughts, fears, dreams and beliefs.. they will just begin to tumble from your mouth , your tears and visit your night time dreams. All that will remain is the essence of you, your highest self. At first you might feel sad or even in shock.. but it will transcend to grace as you begin to see you are free to experience life with an open heart. Your faith expands and your awareness of connection leads you to a reality of wellness. You no longer search .. you are fulfilled and inspired. I love this week .. so powerful for our transformation .. know that it is safe to let go ❤️