Welcome to the energy of the week for 11-18-18

This week is highlighting our ability to choose Peace, Unity, Joy and Beauty. We will have the opportunity to see life from different perspectives this week. Imagine sitting on a different side of a table or really getting to understand what other people’s experiences are in day to day life. This takes you to a position of observation, slowing down and not reacting. 

If anybody feels like they have fallen from their place of stability; dropping into the unknown or uncharted territory embrace this. Take full advantage of new experience, new contacts and a new perspective. This won’t last forever. 

If you find yourself needing a boost up.. be careful to not bring others down as you regain your place. We will see this in the news… People bringing others down, so they can scramble to the top. I think it’s important to recognize that we have had lots of opportunity for change, new leadership, and new life situations in the past months. 🙂 

Aim for expanding your net work and awareness. 🙂 Begin mentally for a journey that will occur in the next 6 months… what do you need to do for it to be successful? An ending of something may occur suddenly… This takes us back to the mention of finding yourself in a brand new place; with out a how to manual. Breathe and expand in the new areas…

I think one of the greatest gifts we have this week is the ability to sit at the table and experience it completely different from ever before. You are more aware, maybe more appreciative then ever before. I am excited to hear how this Thanksgiving is unlike all the others. 🙂 Blessings of compassion, love and peace for all of us… including the animals and Earth… And thank you to everyone that reaches out to those in need.