Energy of the Week: November 11, 2018

Nov 11, 2018 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the beautiful and transforming energy of the week for 11-11-18  🙂
You are being invited to explore and expand all possibilities of your vastness… beyond all limitations. This week you can be like the ocean and the waves fluid, steady… recognizing the water waves felt the pull of the shore line long before the moment of connection. Remembering that the waves simply are doing what they do… unaware of change in the shore line or rocks. The sun sets and rises; the waves continue; never feeling a struggle or need to change.

You might choose to fight against something unchangeable and powerful. You push and push through the turbulence and find calm. You notice the thing you have been resisting is the very thing that defined your life. Letting go of the struggle in experiencing the calm is giving you a feeling of being a bit lost… you were anchored in the turmoil or frustration. This week stop pushing. Stop resisting the calm. Remember how life can feel like when you are free. 

Breathe in and notice of what your life has to offer when the resisting has stopped. You are not lost. It’s simply time to recognize that you don’t need to suffer or live in strife to give your life meaning. This is a great week to forgive. Put your suffering in a new perspective. I use the word suffering, but it is to represent any pain, anger, grief that you have been pushing against. From this new place of freedom you have limitless options. You can convert ideas into actions. “I am a powerful creator.”

If you are moving thru life like the waves you are move thru life recognizing you are part of something much greater… In that recognition there is peace and no desire to change.

Both of these places are good 🙂 
Option A… Let go of the struggle and create a new normal for your life.
Option B… recognize you are part of something so wonderful, nothing needs to change 🙂 

So take a minute and see where you want to be… I’m see this energy having the ability to bring peace where turmoil has resided. I also believe that this energy will remind us of the power of Mother Nature. We will also be reminded of our connection to the Universe at large, not just Earth. So this week, forgive, let go of the battle and notice the Power of the Universe.

Lots of Love and Compassion leading the way:

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