Welcome to the transformational energy of October 17, 2021

First off I would like to thank Unsplash for this photo.. Typically when I tune into the energy of the week I am shown a vision in a meditation and it becomes a message. This morning I had several encounters with birds of prey. I know that was a message for the week to come. This week is offering you the piercing clarity of being able to zero in on what you want. It offers the energy of freedom and the ability to look at situations with a birds eye view . You are able to step back and see the whole picture. For some people this energy may feel very intense; like they need to take cover from the predators in life. I encourage you to stand tall in your life and take aim at what you want. Nobody but you can make your dreams come true … or not come true. What did the cards say about this week? Perseverance will pay off; but be discerning. Align yourself with a loyal leader .. or perhaps it’s time for you to step up and become the leader.. and lastly welcome in advancement or good news in what you have been pursuing…. But the caveat to this is .. What has your self talk been .. predicting doom and gloom or prosperity? Join me in seeing peace, compassion and wellness in all areas of life♥️🌅