Energy of the Week: October 21, 2018

Oct 21, 2018 | Energy of the Week

​Welcome to the Graceful Energy of the week for October 21, 2018

This is an incredible time to look at your life and see the ripple effects that have occurred because of your words, actions and even thoughts / beliefs.
As I write this I see one of the swans floating in the lagoon. The swan shows us how to gently move thru life seemingly unaware of any storms brewing… The swan is just as happy in the sun or the rain.

This week we are reminded to enjoy sun or rain. Don’t focus on the clouds… they mean nothing. As we learn to move with the flow we find ourselves enjoying life… possibly, we loose the concept of good/ bad. We enjoy life and what is offered. And as the Fall stretches into another day the sun is still found. 🙂
We are gifted an energy of deep transformation… The deep spiritual transformation that allows you to see your personal power in all situations in life. This personal power / self love is what you hold… no one can touch it… It is shared or gifted to others through your actions… This week can mark the start of recognizing your power through your actions.

​Take the time to turn inward. This is a great week to plan a trip that will delight all your senses. This week recognize your ideas, hard work and potential. Let go of jealousy, comparison, and envy. It’s also not a week to spend on frivolous items. When resolving conflict respond with dignity… neutralize the environment… We will have opportunities to practice this. 🙂 Pay attention to expectation you have placed on yourself or others… Don’t get distracted by status versus true personal fulfillment. You are a fortunate person!

This period of transformation may be a bit of challenge for others. It may even surprise you, with your ability to remain calm in both the turbulence and the calm… Your new gift. Settle into your Grace filled life. Connect to your personal power and beauty. Enjoy the feeling of personal awareness yet remembering the strong Universal Energy that holds us safe in each moment.

Happy Birthday Nicole .

Thank you to everyone that reaches out to me and shares… You each help me see the ripple of my words and intention of peace for all. Polly

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