The Power in our Connections

Oct 24, 2018 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

​In July our son declared he wanted to switch to a different swim team. Ultimately, he was seeking a new type of connection with a swim coach. Our family had been affiliated with his team for six years. This decision would certainly have impact on our everyday life!

Finn is 12 years old. He is learning about the power of intentions, connections and meditations. Our family values these practices. As a parent I am showing him how to blend our habits from home into his outside life.

Many People are in the process of blending their internal practices with the outside world.

Watching Finn make the transition from where he discovered his passion for swimming, to a new environment, held challenges for me as a parent. We experienced the transition differently.

I talked about the process of letting something go. I asked Finn what his expectations were for his new coaches. What type of connection did he want and what did he need to do, to make the connection happen?

He clearly recognized he wanted to be heard. He also was seeking direction for personal improvement. He wanted to be part of an environment that matched the vibration of his enthusiasm for the sport he loves. He was seeking respect not only for himself, but also for each person dedicated to self-improvement in the pool, and life.

The change came with some challenges, but the rewards were so much greater. The coaching is outstanding. I watch the coaches pour positive energy into the swimmers every day.  They are helping each young swimmer connect to personal awareness and power. I see Finn’s mind opening in a new way. His coaches are helping him connect to what has been resting inside him, waiting to be discovered. This is not just swim related; it is unfolding in all areas of his life.

Coaching is a powerful tool to gain insight about yourself. It helps you to accept yourself fully.

A relationship that helps you connect with your beautiful divine intelligence, strength and live aware.. this is coaching. This connection can be found with teachers, life coaches, sports coaches, and spiritual coaches, and many more. It is a relationship of trust and commitment.

​Namaste: I bow to the Divine in you. Namaste is clearly what a healthy connection is built on.

This morning, the darkness was broken by a candle flame. There was ice on my windshield, and the most beautiful sunrise at 9:04 AM. My mind and body are beginning to experience the Universe differently. I see snow on the mountain peaks and I am experiencing a chill in the air.

I was offered the awareness of how each and everything that we connect to, has the ability to tap into our personal wisdom and strength. Our connections in nature, animals and all we see, have the ability to take us to the power of Namaste. I recognize the divine in the sunrise, the darkness, the candle light and you my friend.

A few days ago, I was rewarded with Finn sharing some of his thoughts. He said he knew the coaching was going to be good. He just didn’t know how much they would care. What more could I ask for? The connection has been made.

I hold the vision of each of us recognizing our individual Divine abilities and also recognizing the Divine in all we see and experience.

Channeled Message

Discover and welcome the new courage that is being shared by the Universe. Your choice of words is changing before they are fall from your tongue. The sounds carry new vibrations. You experience lovely courage, as your dreams unfold in a sequence never before imagined.. Your sleep is changing. Your state of being has shifted.

The visions of your world begin to expand into a blanket of new and untouched resources. You hold the magic to discover your world as never before. Your eyes are capturing images of new colors. You are shown new forms of communication. You see and touch, images that promise an expanded version of life. Lovely new experiences are leading you to undiscovered places.

As you move deeper into this awareness you discover yourself held safely in the heart of others. What was hinted at in the past, now fills your heart with joy and wisdom. You are able to fully see our connection. Sacred Universal Energy is passed through generation and generation. It is shared with each species, and everything we behold.

Here is where courage and strength is needed. It is up to you. Now is the time to lovingly design the Earth experience that will bring joy and peace to your soul. Maybe you are being called to experience something beyond Earth. The limitations are no longer.  The miracles are yours to experience. You are the change.

End of Channel


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