How To Know You Are In A Karmic Relationship That Truly Matters

Nov 11, 2020 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

How To Know You Are In A Karmic Relationship That Truly Matters

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 was a very emotional day for many of us.  The news, rallies and campaigning,  had created high expectations of revolutionary paths to justice and freedom.  Many of us were excited for a new beginning, a fresh start… but… the uncertainty and wait began.  As the day continued my reaction to the perceived disrespect against women, minorities and various other groups, clouded my mind and stressed my body.  I reconnected with a deep Karmic relationship; an old wound, in need of debridement.  It was here I struggled to find the peace that honors our connection to each other and God.

In the middle of the day, I received a call from a person of trust in my family’s life.  The conversation stirred up uncertainty and anger.  In a raised voice, the caller made some very harsh comments.  I listened,  until I reacted.

The insane conversation created the perfect alchemy, for a lesson in karmic relationships centered around respect and trust.

Standing outside in the sun,  I raised my voice and defended my position.  I did not walk away soon enough.  My ancient wound was activated.  My pain responded to the disrespect I felt. I know this is a karmic relationship or lesson, on a much greater level then the person or the  phone call.  It is a life lesson involving personal respect.  This was a karmic relationship that mattered.  It mattered, because a healing was called for.

I also know our country, potentially even world, also share an opportunity for healing our old wounds around equality and connection. Collectively we are in a karmic relationship that matters. We are ready for transformation in the area of respect for all beings, including Earth and our animal friends.

The phone call did not resolve anything.  I decided to take a break from engaging with this person.  I needed space for a fresh perspective. I needed to reconnect with my peace.

After the crazy call, I pondered the deeper meaning of the exchange.  Karmic relationships can be with people, events or even things.  Painful relationships, loss, and even addictions are just a few forms of Karmic relationships or life lessons.  We can also have Karmic relationships of incredible love;  because even the best story of love, holds an opportunity for personal growth.

Five Ways in Which Karmic Relationships Might Show Up in Your Life

  1. Our family of origin is frequently where we first learn Karmic lessons. Some of these wounds or beliefs have lingered for generations.
  2. Most of us have one or two Karmic relationships in our life that came about because of exceptionally unusual events. A miracle was involved. Often, this can be found in adopted children, work, or a romantic partner.
  3. Some Karmic relationships are nothing more then the wound we need to heal. These are usually very controlling and often codependent.
  4. Karma also delivers beautiful and even rare stories of uncomplicated love. Almost instantly you feel a Karmic connection. You have been here before, many times. Words cannot express the gift of these relationships.
  5. Some Karmic relationships are the catalyst for spiritual transformation. The relationship brings you to a point of awareness that was hidden in a lesson.

Should You End a Karmic Relationship?

Some Karmic relationships  are balanced, peaceful and nourish the soul.  These deep love stories; allow the connection to all that is, to radiate easily through out your mind, body and soul.  Honor this love, it matters,  keep it in your life.

Other relationships may feel like a struggle.  These partnerships are bound by the confines of control issues.  An example of this is,  trying to control another person’s behaviors, thoughts, actions or beliefs.  The desired behavior may be rewarded by sharing more attention or abundance.   Other times we see the undesired behavior being met with fear based communication or withholding both intangible and tangible items.

The relationships that are bound by uneven power can be resolved in an instant.  The moment either party disengages from the control pattern, the relationship transforms.  The karmic lesson was resolved,  at least by one person.

This doesn’t always mean the relationship is over, just altered or shifted into something new.

The regeneration indicates that an awareness of personal power, and possibly even peace, becomes a component of the relationship dynamic. When this happens you are set free of the Karmic lesson.  You get to decide if there is something more to the relationship, besides the experience of awareness.

If You Find Yourself in Karmic Relationships Fraught with Control Issues, Ask Yourself What the Life Lesson Here Is.

  • Why am I staying in the pain?
  • Who am I controlling?
  • Who is controlling me?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • How will my life look if I stop engaging with the karmic wound?
  • Am I ready to heal?

When the winner of the 2020 election was finally called;  many people reached out to me.  The relief was palpable.   Old wounds began healing.  Trust and hope were helping people finally, fully exhale.  They released the fear they had been holding onto.  Personal  and collective transformation was underway.

I clearly see the possibility of peace and respect woven into all of humanity. I also fully trust that each of us is exactly where we should be. To learn more about healing karmic relationships or psychic insights contact me at or purchase a reading through my website.

This November I will be offering Intuitive classes on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. This is in effort to meet various time zone and work schedules. If you are interested let me know! First class free…. If you want to learn more about it, reachout to me at

Channeled Message

Taking part in our creative experience as a human,  allows us to experience Universal energy or God from an objective point.  All other forms are too close; there is no separation recognized. Only humans have created the canyon between us and them; you and me.

The disbelief in our truth, and deep connection, birthed the desire or need to control.

As our awareness shifts back into our Universal connection; the feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy and fear are no more.  There is nothing to control.

When we remember we are part of a sacred event that connects us all; the suffering is lifted.

Take my hand and feel the connection to grace that flows thru you and I; always equal.

There is only this moment that holds the possibility for all to experience grace in such a magnificent way, there is no going back to old ideals and beliefs..  You are free, yet connected to each other in the most magical mix of cosmic creation.  Together we create.   Together we shine.

End Channeled Message

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