December 2020 Energetic Forecast and Predictions

Nov 25, 2020 | Energy of the Week

December 2020 Energetic Forecast and Predictions

To explore the energetic forecast of a person’s life, or of an event; I close my eyes with the intention of receiving a message.  I will be shown an image or a story in my mind’s eye.  After I see the vision, I translate the meaning.  Early this morning was no different.  I sat in candle light and prayer.   I was shown the potential for renewal in December.   Using cards, meditation, and deeper exploration of my vision, I made predictions.

Imagine extended hands gently offering a garnet-colored lotus blossom.  This radiant creation is resting lightly on open palms.  Intuitively you recognize this ethereal inspiration is not received or even recognized by everyone.

You understand there is nothing to control.  Deep down, you know this lotus is not in a tangible form.  The vision is possibly a dream created by the perfect alchemy of your mind and the Universe.

December’s energy shifts offers many moments of the unexpected, even mystifying experiences, visions, and interactions.

One of the most important ideas to understand; we each have the ability to see a door swing wide open.  This allows you to witness your dreams unfolding.  December will require trust and patience.

You may master the ability to allow your dreams to become your reality.  The old method of control and manipulation of life is becoming easier to let go.

Here is some of the symbolism found in my vision of the lotus blossom.

The Lotus blossom is associated with enlightenment, self- regeneration; even when the plant is in the dirty waters, a beautiful flower blooms. Trust that regardless of where you are now enlightenment can occur.

The garnet color is associated with heart and blood wellness.  Garnet alleviates dishonesty, activates strength, shares courage and hope.  It also inspires love and devotion. See yourself as strong, honest and courageous. You are surrounded by love and devotion.

Open palms indicate honesty, receiving, openness, trust.  The greatest thing you can do is trust.  In doing so, your open heart will receive all you need.  You can transform your life experience into that of enlightenment, or at the very least a wonderful adventure.

This Energetic Forecast Offers Change; Will This Affect You?

Our world is experiencing a divide in power.  Energetically we can expect earthquakes, underwater seismic activity, and other shifts, including money markets.  To prevent this from turning your world upside down, use the power of positive thoughts. Stay focused on what you want and allow it to enter your world.

We may see people withdrawing and seeking a hermit-like lifestyle.  This is in part to attempt to hide from the pain.  Other people will be visibly acting out and seeking attention.  I also see there may be difficulty in forming bonds with people or other countries during this time.

If you are seeking council for something, make sure the council is aligned with your vision.  The divide will be felt on many levels.  Connect to things that feel truthful; double-check references.  If solitude calls to you, stay only long enough to restore your balance and wellness.  There is no need to hide in fear, the world is a safe place.

December holds the energy for a new adventure with your health.  This can be you accomplishing an amazing physical feat; it can also be the complete opposite.  Choose your health this December.

Our financial area of life might experience some resistance.  To overcome this, follow your passions and allow happiness to soothe away the blocks.  It is key to let go of your fears, do somethings that creates happiness, and allow the abundance to flow.

December holds the spiritual energy that will encourage you to make a choice.   One option is not necessarily better than the other.  You stay living in chaos until you decide what life you want.  Commit to that which feels truthful to you.  Be bold with your declaration.

How best to Thrive in December’s Energetic Forecast

Looking at December it is clear there is division found in many areas of our life and world.  This is causing chaotic feelings.  Be bold, make your choice based on your truth.  You may need to retreat a couple days to make a sound decision.  Most importantly know the power of your thoughts. It is possible to have an amazing spiritual breakthrough or a deeper understanding of All That Is.  Stay hopeful, live with an open heart.

One last message of the lotus blossom.  Even the slightest attempt to hold on to, or control the blossom, caused bruising and eventual deterioration of the gift.  Whatever you are seeking will first appear in the non-tangible form.  It is here you must allow it to take root in the way the universe desires.

Perhaps our greatest gift is celebrating that which has no form; it is pure potential and All That Is.

In closing, this energy will set us up nicely for the New Year.  It is all about learning how to peacefully allow change into our lives.

I will share much more about 2021 before the New Year.  If you want to learn how to easily co-create with the Universe contact me

Channeled Message for the Collective

At the peak of our beginning or fresh cycle of inspired thoughts; we release the old.

In the pause, or moment of release, a new cycle of possibilities is offered.

We have transitioned through the old paradigms and energetic blocks.

We are ready for fresh choices and new insights.

Boldly release all thoughts and welcome in the energy that matches your heart and soul.

Welcome in your new guides.  They have been waiting.  You are now free to swim thru the currents of love with new understanding.

End Channeled Message for the Collective


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