Welcome to the Energy of the Week for November 29, 2020

Happy full moon .. today and tomorrow is perfect for recognizing how life and relationships reflect messages back to us.

One of the things that will be highlighted is how each of us sees disparities outside .. we see right vs wrong .. good versus bad .. and just as we recognize that outside ourselves .. we know the same disparity can be imagined in our lives and inner workings .. but we have the vantage point of recognizing this space of ease.

That is not black or white/good or bad .. it just is .. and it is here that you begin to recognize the path of least resistance that allows everything to flow .. and you see that if you let go of resisting something beautiful is told to you .. this path increases until it is all that is.

So this week treasure the path of least resistance.. both internally and externally .. because the truth is all there is ✨🧘‍♀️📿