Welcome to the Energy of the Week for December 7, 2020

We are at that delicious point of self-discovery offered through the reflection of that around us.

We have a choice to continue our journey on a meandering trail of life with our feet are bound and protected from any misstep. This allows us to travel farther or we have the choice of taking our steps free of restrains .. willing to take risks, knowing we will feel some pain.. but we will experience all life has to offer .. we don’t travel as far, but we experience every nuance life offers .. this is your choice .. move quickly through life, yet not fully connecting with the world .. or slow down and feel your way through life .. one of these will bring you closer to understanding the commitment your soul made when saying yes to this life.

The diversity of choices is good .. it will help you see clearly what you are feeling in your heart .. this week also holds unexpected blessings .. don’t be surprised when something turns out so much better then you expected ✨✨🧘‍♀️

This week take time to feel everything being offered .. say yes to what you want and walk away from the rest .. enjoy 😊