Welcome to the Energy of the Week November 1

It’s a little edgy and prickly out there… part of this feeling came I. With our full moon, and it’s sticking around for a while. It leaves some people feeling exposed and other people want to reveal their deepest secrets. The bottom line is this extra grounding is required to move through this week feeling stable and strong. Don’t be surprised if you witness reckless behavior. This can be in a physical sense as well as the way words are used.

Take the time to clear your head, don’t react, and wait for the truth as you wait practice connecting to the calm within. Interesting this jagged, irrational energy that provokes people to act will be gone within a week and people will need something to connect with and re-emerge.

So save a little of the impulsive energy for a later day ✨😍🙏.

Prayers that the chaotic will have subsided done by Tuesday night and Wednesday morning prayers for peace and calm 🌎✨🙏