Energy of the Week: October 28, 2018

Oct 28, 2018 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the week for Oct. 28th 2018 

I’m going to take the opportunity to share the intention of Love touching all of us (everyone) in a way that allows the expanded awareness of compassion to guide us in every moment. This week it is really important to spend time In solitude and examine your feelings. Examine where relief is found, love is found and anger is found. This is all you need to connect with to build your life in love.
This is the time to imagine you have created your world… every moving piece of your life that interActs with peace and orchestrates your belief of the world, so brilliantly. So instead of staying in a place where you feel others have control, take responsibility and look at your world objectively. Next look at your world the the lens of love… you may not experience a feeling of love for all you see… but you have the capacity to bring love into every situation… This is a week to break down personal barriers and connect even deeper to a place of awareness… intense feelings and recognitions.
Some people will have or begin to have major shifts take place… Others will experience a lightness… the ability to move through life with a bit more freedom. This is the week to allow peace and love to color all you see. This means time for solitude, meditation and prayer… outside if you can. Imagine bringing in the energy of love and healing, drawing it closer to you in every way… until it lands softly in each breath you take and each word you share. ☀️
In the business world we will see big companies bumping into each other trying to be number one and avoid blame… let’s wait and see who this is…
I see medical break through… especially in limb replacement. I see some confusion with Trump… where he is speechless and attempting to bat the cameras away… yep speechless. 😶

Things to remember… your future is safe. ☀️
This is a great time to be in a spiritual or health retreat… or plan one. Self development will have big payoffs… you will see the changes. This is a time of inner growth that can / will impact all of your life. ❤️
I create space to learn more about my spiritual journey. 🙏❤️
Enjoy and let me know how this feels, 🙂


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