Welcome to the Energy of the week for November 4, 2018.

I believe we will experience a rise in talented people coming forward and sharing… This can be in a variety of ways… New artists, speakers etc… or it can be you sharing your talent with a new audience. There has never been a better time!
I see some people trying to make an quiet transition into new life style / job etc… but the ease only goes so far. Eventually you need to make yourself heard, and show a little strength; yet keep compassion and wisdom at your side. Let people know what you need for a successful endeavor / relationship. With that being said… It is possible to convey this with kindness and respect. This allows the change / transformation to be completed with out it falling apart due to force and harsh words…

So anywhere in your life that has moving parts to it (different pieces)… treat it with respect and kindness… (see the conversation, process fully surrounded by pink light). The change you desire can happen with out everything blowing up. 🙂 ​Harmonious relationships are possible. Recognize the gift others bring into your life. It can be as easy as noticing that the door held open for you, brought ease into your life. 🙂 This is a great week for those that have been experiencing oppression… even if it was brought about because of your actions / beliefs. This week look for the light at the end of the tunnel… the way out of a bad situation. Look for a helping hand here. Imagine a new way of life. This week is good for long term financial planning… This is a good week to build on the relationship with your current partner. Physically its a good week to decrease alcohol intake… possibly consider some type of cleanse or at least consider eating clean. 🙂 You may also find yourself in a leadership role in your family; including extended family. Be willing to share some of your skills to people seeking your wisdom. : )

In closing make this a week to remember. You will be recognized, you will help another. You will also be assisted this week. Look for the light in your life and in the lives of others. If you see others in need, don’t be afraid to lend a hand. From the bottom of my heart I send you peace and awareness and together we hold space for our world to move in compassionate ways.