Welcome to the Energy of the Week for October 5, 2020

This week holds a space for balance, a space that calls for you to decide if you are part of the judge or the judged.. problem or solution, victim or trespasser. It will be clear that everything can be experienced completely differently from different angles. One thing is certain; if u feel you are given the final notice on a situation and people will not look again .. get a second, third or fourth opinion until you are happy. If you see someone being wrongfully accused .. step up and lend a hand .. everything can be viewed with a higher perspective ✨

This week I do see some very significant calls in the court system that cause a shift or vibration change .. people will notice this case .. it deserves attention.

Our emotions are steady .. except with the women in your life .. there may be a few triggers 🤣. Many of us may feel like laying low .. doing self-care.. but part of us is wondering if we are missing something out in the bright world .. find the balance .. Self-care as long as needed.. it may be hard for you to see your personal transformation .. so look at your life. Where were you a year ago, two years ago?
Communication for women, recognition for women’s minds are going to bloom this week ✨✨🌙.

We can experience great luck with using our minds for the greater good .. this can be breakthroughs in medicine and environmental efforts .. don’t give up .. we will see progress in the Earth’s wellness.
last but not least people may feel the need to travel back to their motherland. . Where did their ancestors come from. How can you honor your ancestors, Mother Earth, and your deepest self .. take a journey .. even if it’s only in your mind ✨❤️🌙🙏

I just had to add.. watch for a major geyser activity or volcanic activity. Earth rebalancing 🙂