How to Heal While Experiencing Fear and Stress

Jul 20, 2022 | Healing, Stress, Transformation

How to Heal While Experiencing Fear and Stress

Life is a full spectrum of possibilities, some more palatable than others. Any events that ramp up emotions and anxiety can bring waves of tension into your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. This can result in both acute and chronic trauma. Keep reading and discover how you can heal, even while experiencing fear and stress. This past week I have been feeling my life changing very fast. Our family is shifting, I have a daughter getting married and my youngest child going to boarding school. There are deadlines, forms, physicals, and reservations to be made, plus home remodel projects, and a self-imposed deadline for my book. Not to mention the many humanitarian and environmental issues that will definitely impact us all. With all of the demands wrapped up together I started feeling like I didn’t have enough time or mental bandwidth. I began questioning my decisions. Everything felt out of my control. My world narrowed and I became stressed and agitated. For 24 hours, I felt like a fish flopping around on a dark and unforgiving shore. Instead of oxygen, I was seeking peace. Something had to change. I put some tasks on the back burner and decided to write a blog about stress. This, after all, is my happy place:)


Stress is a belief there is a threat towards your well-being. This can be acute or chronic. It can include a demand of your time or energy. Stress impacts your thinking and causes your world to become smaller. You focus on your perceived problems. It can bring about a feeling of having no control over your destiny.


Healing is returning to a neutral and calm state of mind. Things slow down; you have an awareness of your connection to all that is. You are aware of transformations, but you don’t value one state over another. You recognize life as an energetic flow. Sometimes you coast, other times you put forth energy to navigate the faster moving waters.

How to Experience a Healing During Stressful Situations

A healing can occur in a stressful situation when you shift your perspective on what is truly occurring in your life. This will create new pathways that release fear, and stress while opening up your heart to all that is. Take deep breaths. Refresh your mind and body with fresh oxygen. This can help you let go of any problems you were holding tightly to, while offering a new viewpoint. Move your body, this stirs up your thoughts and helps release stagnant energy in both your body and mind. Movement attracts high vibrational energy to help heal your mind and physical self. Move your mind by finding a change of scenery. Maybe this is going for a walk outside or just taking a break from what you have been working on. This will help you release your grip on fear. You might see a new solution, or maybe you will see that you have blown something out of proportion. Pause and do a little detective work. Is your current stressful situation connected to a past issue or trauma. Is it time to get therapy or life coaching, to finally release the true cause of your stress? Taking action for your wellness will shift your energy. Lean into someone and let them know what’s going on. If you feel like you are alone, journal your thoughts. Talking things out, or writing them down on paper often reveals a possible solution to the perceived threat. Sometimes the greatest thing you can do is surrender to a higher power, and step back from the fight. If you feel like you have given it your all and are repeating patterns, it’s time to stop. Surrendering and releasing your stress to the Universe, Source, and God is a great place to be. You are no longer attempting to overpower a situation that mentally will always beat you. Recognize you always have CHOICES. Changing your behavior in a small way can bring about huge shifts in your world. The techniques mentioned above, will just scratch the surface on managing your stress. The most important thing to remember is that only you can transform your inner world. The most powerful thing you can do, is take the first step.

My Story

I have had stress in my life, and certain areas of my life hold more stress than others. With that being said, most of the events that I have worried about, I can’t even recall. The high-pressure situations that I do remember, involved my children’s wellbeing. When I was stressed about my safety, I didn’t feel the fear as much. It was easier for me to go inward. Over time new pathways and coping skills were developed and utilized. That has been empowering. It has given me the courage to meet stressful situations with less fear and more hope. I had to learn how to lean into my faith, surrender to a higher power, and know I’m doing my best for my family, and myself.

Discovering Your Peace

A pivotal moment in life occurs, when you realize you can’t control everything. It is here that you appreciate the steps you have taken and then allow the Universe to lovingly take over. This is where you will discover peace. I know that each of us can get through times of stress with very little loss of vitality. If you find yourself seeking a life that holds awareness of inner peace and wisdom, reach out to me at I can guide you into your highest vibrational life thru life coaching and in-depth psychic readings.  

Channeled Message

What if you could slow time down, pause and choose again, or not? What if you held such gratitude for every moment, that you were able to expand deeper into the experience by feeling the colors and understanding the rhythm of energetic vibrations? What if it all made perfect sense in the unfolding of this life merging with all others, without any purpose except experiencing love both inside and out? You have this. It’s in the palm of your hand, in your breath, laughter and touch

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