Welcome to the Energy of the Week for July 17, 2022

As someone that loves nature, animals and being outdoors, I lean on the symbols the Universe shares with me. This week is about noticing patterns, seeking and desire. Sounds good, right? Last year during the monsoon season (which I love) a glorious king snake began hanging around my house. This is great. They are beautiful and keep the rattlesnakes away. This year a new king snake has showed up. So I’m noticing a pattern. This year’s snake appears to be searching. He showed up during my morning meditation. I have watched him in different areas around my house. Each time .. he is searching .. almost getting confused with what the Universe is offering him. Last night I watched him leave the water hole and seek shelter in my home. Eventually the king snake went back to the preserve. Let’s look at the messages that were shared.. Some of us might be feeling a need to search .. but do we have clarity in what we are searching for? It’s a great time to turn inward. Some of us might be looking for shelter .. what are we seeking shelter from? Are we looking in appropriate places for our well-being ? Now let’s look at patterns . Is there a pattern, a routine that you find yourself repeating? Is this a routine/pattern to celebrate or is it time to look for a new way live your life? Lastly I love the reference of protecting energy that the king snake shares. Are you recognizing how you are protected? Last but not least .. there is always opportunity for rebirth and transformation and our friendly king snake appeared to remind us of this ❤️…. Oh yeah .. what do you desire?