Welcome to the Energy of the Week for July 10, 2022

Yay .. You have created the perfect portal to other dimensions within your inner world .. or are they out in the Universe? This week you will have opportunities to ask yourself is this a glitch in the Matrix… or is it a miracle? Somethings may be moving at a rapid pace, while other things creep along or come to a complete stop .. This causes noise, friction and the need to release .. Think of it as the death of a star in our solar system, that makes way for the birth of a star in a new galaxy. I’m so excited for you! Now you get to decide if your ready to share with the world all the amazing new energy that is bubbling up inside .. or are you going to slip away with the death of your old dreams . There is an amazing new way of living and expressing yourself and new galaxies to explore .. Drop the logic and embrace the magic 💥❤️. You might be thinking there is a lot going on this week .. There is .. but it’s just the first wave of energy that is creating your portal to excellence ❤️