The Benefits of Embracing Loss

Jul 6, 2022 | Energy, Loss, Transformation

The Benefits of Embracing Loss

Each of us will experience loss, and sometimes it’s wrapped up in good news or a happy event. If you, or someone you love is struggling with loss, keep reading. I’m going to share the benefits of embracing your feelings of loss and sadness. Some of them might surprise you.

Loss can be a complicated feeling. It can be found in tragic stories and events, as well as experiences that hold love and good feelings. It arises when we are not completely ready to let go of what we have. Sometimes it lingers from long ago.

I am living a beautiful life story. It includes our youngest son going off to college in two years. I’ve had years to plan for this, and know exactly what I’m going to do with my free time. I swore that the empty nest syndrome wouldn’t phase me. After all, his older sisters have been out of the house for a couple years.

This picture began to change in the last week or so. Our youngest started looking at boarding schools. We had always offered it as an option. Up until now, he had declined.

We narrowed the schools down to a very small group. One stood out as the obvious choice for him. We spent several days writing letters, filling forms out, and today he had his interview, and has been accepted.

I find myself embracing the feelings of loss that are intertwined with excitement for all of his amazing life possibilities.

I know the house will feel silent. The dogs will search for his energy and I will miss his lanky body that easily flops over the furniture. I can’t really imagine how much I will miss him. I now remember the ache that occurred when our daughters left.

My children have always made me wiser, braver and better than I would have been without them. I wonder if I will lose my courage if I don’t have a constant reminder to be a better person.

This is where the fear lurks in change and loss. We wonder what part of us is going to change with the shift of energy.

My Lesson in Loss

The greatest lesson that came out of this surprise twist, is the gentle reminder to keep my heart open to all the wonderful possibilities. I was logically attached to a certain path and outcome.

This unplanned early departure is a gift. I am reminded of the power of prayer, law of attraction and all the good things that get things done behind the scenes. I believe there is magic in his acceptance to a school in Hawaii. This new story is just beginning.

I am embracing my feeling of loss, while celebrating my ability to let go and receive the beautiful gifts that the Universe offers in the most unusual ways.

Over the years I have had much harder lessons in loss, and it’s always been my ability to process the feelings that help me find peace. Some of my losses were so filled with grief, I didn’t have the energy to fully surrender to the pain and emotions until years after they occurred. In those instances, the peace was discovered deeply inward where the healing needed to occur.

Five Benefits of Embracing Loss

  • Processing thoughts and emotions allows energy to easily flow through your physical, mental, emotional and intellectual bodies. Trauma, fear, and illness can be the result of unprocessed grief, loss and other emotions. Think of a river that has a large fallen tree across it. The log catches all the little pieces of debris floating down stream. Eventually the tree becomes a dam and the flow is stopped or rerouted.
  • Allowing yourself to make sense of your feelings helps you find closure. This needs to happen in order for new opportunities to come into your life.
  • Embracing your loss can help you experience transformation in your life. A loss goes hand in hand with change. Embracing your feelings is empowering and can help this shift become part of a beautiful transformation.
  • With every loss there is potential evolution in a relationship, even if it is the relationship you have with self. This includes the evolution that occurs when someone crosses to the other side. I have witnessed great healing between people when one person has crossed over. You are still connected to your loved one and always will be.
  • Embracing your personal loss helps you live a more aware and empathetic life. It can even help you become a person that is able to guide others through the process of loss and healing.

Perhaps the ultimate lesson that comes with embracing loss is our ability to appreciate every moment.

It helps us create a life that has less attachment to the how’s, when’s and whys of life. The closer we are to experiencing a life of no attachment, the less out of control and lost we feel.

For me personally it is living a life where I can step back and allow things to unfold without manipulating the outcome. I have my dreams and desires that I work towards but the who, why, when and how is out of my control.

Saying Goodbye

By now I shouldn’t be surprised about the coincidences in life. I began writing this blog focusing on my personal feeling of loss, that is surrounded by a healthy dose of joy and excitement. Before the blog was fully written, a client unexpectedly lost a friend to murder.

Their relationship was a mixture of many things. I think most of them are good.

I will be there for her as she processes her loss that is tangled up in the complications surrounding the life and death of her friend.

If your life is experiencing any unexpected twists and turns, reach out to me at Experience a psychic reading, life coaching or energy work, to help you live a high vibrational life.


Channeled Message

Where our emotions, thoughts and feelings get tangled into the heaviness of this reality we falsely believe in endings.  It is when we allow ourselves to be lifted into an experience that holds the awareness of eternity, that we merge again with peace, tranquility and all that is.

We understand that our ability to create and recreate is eternal.  It is the keen mind that releases expectations, creates new experiences and celebrates joy, love and past imprints

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