Welcome to the Energy of the Week for July 3, 2022

You may be asking yourself, “ what the hell is going on here.” Everything you thought was a certain way, can be taken completely differently.. including conversations. Don’t worry the bigger issues will get righted by the end of month .. ignore the smaller blips 🙏.. The significant take on this week is to keep moving in a slow, steady way. Some people may find themselves racing to the finish line .. and overlooking some important conversations with people in your life .. it’s a time to listen.. use all your God given senses🧘‍♀️…. Other people may feel like digging a hole and coming to a complete stop .. no need to do that .. embrace the steady flow and you will see people show up to help ease your burdens.. Those important conversations are needed to be had .. slow and steady .. not hurried and crazy .. or dropping completely out of the game .. is what is needed this week .. Enjoy the vortex of calm you have the ability to step into🧘‍♀️