Welcome to the Energy of the Week for June 26, 2022

 Before I begin .. this photo was taken at a wildlife sanctuary in Ak .. Its a great place to visit because the animals can roam freely 🙂 Now to the fun stuff .. When I tuned into the energy of this week, I was shown a rather loud clown face, that was too close for comfort. I was also shown that it is easy to bypass the clown face, but our attention is drawn back to it. This indicates we will have the opportunity to be distracted and even potentially deceived by drama and fears. This might mean that we allow people into our life that are disturbing our peace, they might be into drama and even being deceitful …. Look for that …. But also look for the areas in your life that you are afraid to push past the fear and might even be telling yourself some crap that isn’t true .. The energy of this week is perfect for stepping into your truth and leaving behind the drama, untruths and fears .. you have amazing possibilities to roam free …. Let go of the scary things and celebrate your life .. PS .. I’m so excited for you !!! Oh yeah .. you might find out that something you have believed as God’s honest truth .. to be a fabricated story .. so don’t believe everything you hear about others 🙏❤️🦬