How to Reclaim the Lost and Unloved Pieces of You

May 25, 2022 | Change, Energy, Self-Love

How to Reclaim the Lost and Unloved Pieces of You

Is something missing in your life; maybe you are constantly feeling the pull to search for something more? This feeling can range from a vague feeling like you misplaced something, to a very strong feeling of being abandoned. If this resonates, keep reading and discover how to reclaim the lost and unloved pieces of you.

Over a decade ago, I booked a private tour that shared sacred spots on the island of Kauai. It was really interesting. I could feel the powerful energy of the ceremonial stones. The same woman offered a private session to reclaim pieces of my fragmented soul.

This didn’t really fit with my spiritual beliefs of how our souls work, but I signed up. Long story short, it was not worth my time or money. However, it did provide one of those experiences where I think, never again.

I was in a tiny and stifling hot room of a private home. The neighbors were having a backyard barbecue with crazy, loud music. As she tried to lead me through a meditation it was completely lost in the surrounding party experience.

The soul retrieval adventure did stir up a question. What do we lose when we feel lost and broken?

Healing is reclaiming our missing light and becoming whole.

I don’t believe that our souls can become fragmented. That would be like God experiencing fragmentation. I view the Universe as having God or Source light in everything. Like God, your soul is intentional in where it puts awareness and light; it can’t be in an unintentional form.

In our human experience we can misplace our personal power, light, self-love and magic. This is not our soul, but it is our unique light for this human journey. This light holds the blueprint of your soul and is a gift from source.

Where we might lose our unique light.

Our world holds many lessons and opportunities to grow our light, or dim our light.

From the moment that we take our first breath, we can experience love or fear. Some of us are lucky to learn about unconditional love in our childhood. Others are lucky to have lots of love and security throughout life. Yet other people don’t experience unconditional love until much later in life.

Wherever you are in discovering your self love, it most likely is not an, “one and done experience. “There are many nooks and crannies that hold emotions in each of our life stories.

There is not an average or common timeline for falling into deep love with life and self.

How to Reclaim the Unloved Pieces of You

First you need to identify what’s missing. Look at the following list and make a note of what is no longer found in your everyday life.

  • Do you experience Joy?
  • How do you love yourself?
  • How do you show self-respect?
  • Where is your laughter found?
  • How deep is your Faith?
  • Do you know your life purpose?
  • Are you inspired about the possibilities in your life?
  • Do you know what Your truth is?
  • Do you still have dreams about your life?
  • Do you value your self-care?
  • Is your wellness valued?
  • Do you feel self-empowered?
  • Do you have good boundaries?

The next step is recalling when the missing piece of you was last present in your life.

Now recognize when and where it disappeared. This could be in your childhood, work environments, relationships; any other place where you experienced disrespect and felt unheard, unseen or unloved.

Sometimes paying attention to your self-talk can bring a clue to where you need love; and also, where you lost your love. For example, if you call yourself ugly, look at where you first heard that. Was it in your home, the playground, or maybe someone is still speaking unkindly to you?

Take a break from social media.

Don’t compare yourself to others.

Don’t stay where you are not appreciated.

Where to turn when seeking answers:

Working with a therapist, life coach or even support groups can help you discover the pieces of you that are lost.

If you have unresolved addiction issues use a trained therapist to help you discover what is beneath the habit. You can always supplement this with other modalities to help you create a loving life.

Commit to making changes in your life that support your healing. This may require you to cut ties with unhealthy relationships and environments. It is never too late, or too early to begin doing things that promote your self love and happiness.

Are We Ever Completely in Love with Self?

Our beautiful and sometimes achingly painful experience on Earth offers us endless ways to grow, and rediscover inspiration, love and self-love.

As we become complete, we recognize that self-love, or self-realization is loving the core or essence of who we are. We may not love all of our actions, but we can grow to love our true self.

Our universe is designed to help us stay inspired, as we continue to learn and express our highest self.

If you are ready to dive in and love the pieces of you more deeply, reach out to me at We can explore energy work, life coaching and Psychic readings.

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