Welcome to the Energy of the Week for May 29, 2022

It is a week that helps us recognize how others have been an important part of our journey; but it’s also a week to reconnect with your truth, your essence and your strength. This can be the week that you recognize how we are all intricately intertwined in the web of humanity . We can make choices where the web can be a prison of fear , or we can make choices that highlight our most loving qualities . Maybe this week will help each of us embrace the human potential. Embrace our ability to be compassionate, peaceful, loving and supportive. We can afford all that and still be human . We can create and love and explore and find our greatest individual gift and gladly share it with others. It is a week that allows us to discover our place in the world all the while recognizing that we are so much more … this is but a flash before we are on to a new adventure .. if we are lucky we will meet a soul or two that will continue on with us .. different forms, same energy 🏜. Enjoy it all this week .. the compassion, the love, the awareness, the solidarity, the art of balance , the pull of greater awareness , the connection to all that is