How to Stay Committed to Your Wellness in the Wake of Challenges

Aug 17, 2022 | High Vibrational Life, Self-Love, Wellness

How to Stay Committed to Your Wellness in the Wake of Challenges

Whether your wellness practice is just beginning to take root in your life, or you have woven it in everyday, stress can undermine your good habits and intentions. Keep reading and discover easy tips to help you stay successful on your personal wellness journey, even in unpredictable times.

Susan’s Story

I have a lovely client that has been diligently adding sparkle and wellness to her life story. This plot twist was not just changing one or two habits, she had to revamp the way she moved through the world.

She quit alcohol, found a new job and started caring for her body. The changes have brought Susan a kinder and happier lens to view the world. It is easier for her to experience peace.

Susan hired me as her coach, knowing she would need support during her transition. She also has a therapist and belongs to a support group. Even with her safety net, she occasionally struggles with prioritizing her wellness.

Her greatest challenge is when people don’t see her as she is now. They see the old version of an unhappy and unhealthy woman. Some old friends are hoping the old Susan will come out and play. They liked drinking and commiserating with her.

The other group, that does not see the magic, is her adult children. This is hard.

It is taking a lot of dedication for Susan to stay the course, when those she loves the most, doubt her. She recognizes her adult children are reluctant to see her in a new light, because her life story was very unhealthy during their formative years.

Together we came up with a couple techniques that have been helping her stay on her desired course of action.

First Let’s Explore Wellness

✔️ Wellness is a sense of wellbeing that offers a balance of physical, emotional, abundance (life force), intellectual, spiritual pursuits and connections.

✔️ Wellness will look and feel different for everyone. Each of us has unique areas in our life that can bring potential challenges to our balanced and peaceful life.

✔️ Wellness holds the energy of resiliency, faith and happiness. This energy flows through your day in varying levels. At times you may have great gusts of joy, other times are spent experiencing sweet oneness with your surroundings.

Signs Your Personal Wellness Need Attention

If you are chronically experiencing low self-esteem, it’s time to revamp your wellness.

When you find yourself bending to please others and ignoring your own needs, explore your wellness plan.

If you have addictions that are out of control, seek help in creating a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel like your life is always cluttered and out of balance, it’s time to reprioritize your wellness.

If you feel like you have crashed and burned, congratulations! This is the perfect time to create new habits and let go of the old patterns and behaviors. Your old life story is up in flames. It’s time to create the best version of yourself.

Six Ways to Prioritize and Stay Focused on Your Wellness

1) Have very clear reasons why your health and wellness are a priority to you now. Ultimately it should be for you. This might look like; I want healthy relationships. Maybe you want to feel good in your body. It might also be that you want to have clear thinking. There are countless reasons why people choose wellness, and rewrite their life story.

2) Set goals along the way and highlight your success. It’s a great boost to look at how far you have come! Your goals might be simple, like meditating every day, journaling or drinking more water. They could also be very challenging like, stop smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. However big or small, document your new life story!

3) Stay flexible. Life happens. Our idea of wellness might change over time. We also might find ways to stay happy and healthy that look a little different then we first intended.

4) Simplify your life. Keep your days structured and uncluttered. This is an easy way to not only stay focused on your goals, but also to practice mindfulness. One of the greatest benefits of an uncomplicated life is easily identifying what doesn’t belong.

5) Don’t give up. Believe in yourself. Look at how far you have come in life. You have already done some pretty amazing things. Getting this far thru life and figuring out you deserve more, is in itself a huge accomplishment. You are finally remembering your greatness. Don’t stress. Don’t give up. Regroup and keep going.

6) Have a support network for different areas in your life. Some of these might be paid professionals, some might be a group of friends that are all helping each other find wellness.

Rewriting Your Life With Wellness

My life has experienced plot twists and rewrites many times! Each one of my unexpected turns of events helped bring me closer to wellness. Interestingly it doesn’t always feel like that. When my inner / spiritual world opened up, my physical health took a turn for the worse. As I recalibrated my spiritual self with my human self, my physical health returned.

The Universe wants us to experience greatness. Each of us is being guided. There is always a little pull towards a high vibration. I imagine it feeling like a current nipping at my limbs and mind, when it’s time to level up.

Staying on your wellness course gets easier, but remember we are all constantly evolving and changing. Source energy is always opening new doorways to peace, wellness and higher vibrational choices.

Look for the high vibration in every life change and plot twist. The more balanced and well you are, the more peace you have😊

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 Channeled Message

Your soul is the mastermind of expansion; and is continuously sending thoughts and energy to your human mind.

In an instant the barrier will be broken and awareness will occur.

With the understanding that your highest awareness is already in full bloom, it is impossible for you to not succeed on your path of dreams. It is impossible to not live your life in a way that makes your heart sing.

Even if you choose the lower vibrational path, some part of you is aware of your true potential and is clearing the way, making it easier to say, “yes “when you feel the pull.

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