Welcome to the Energy of the Week for August 21, 2022

Enjoy the rather methodical and introverted energy that allows you to stay deep in thought. You will be able to balance steady motion while studying all the pieces and parts to your life. It’s a week where u might be pulled to explore the beautiful and what feels good to you .. The flip side of this is others can see you as being completely self absorbed and only worried about your own needs. Or perhaps you are seeing that behavior in others …. How ever it rolls out, take the time to explore all the beautiful pieces in you. I predict you will have great insight and even the ability to feel gratitude for all you have now. After all the wonderful feel good, insights and personal revolutions, it will become time to string those thoughts, like beads on a necklace .. How are your thoughts flowing? Are there any thoughts or beads better left for another time / another necklace .. it’s a time to get your priorities in order and pay attention to what your thoughts trigger .. This is a beautiful week to make a statement about your life .. How you are living it and what it looks like .. so proudly wear your new creation and share with the world your thoughts and expressions🌞…. I wonder if someone is going to get a tattoo, new jewelry , clothes .. any self expression .. have fun🌺