Welcome to the Energy of the Week for August 28, 2022

We have two themes impacting our energetic world this week. First off, as you know, I always pay attention to the animals that offer messages. This morning on my hike, before I had a chance to realize what was occurring .. I walked thru a swarm of bees. I put my head down and walked thru .. they didn’t touch me 🌺. Something had disturbed them before my arrival. So the symbolic messages here are …. Is your home, colony, group, tribe being bothered? Is your life including family and friends reshaping or rehoming? Is it time to recognize your hard work and the hard work of your family? I have to say something about remembering the sweetness you bring into the world 🌍. Theme two is noticing where your voice comes from. Are you becoming more empowered lately? Even more interesting, have you noticed that you are saying things that you are no longer aligned with. Maybe your truth has changed, but your vocabulary hasn’t. Notice your self-care in the words and messages that you share. Does your self-care routine need adjustment? This week is the perfect time to change our vocabulary into empowering and loving words. It’s the perfect week to regroup and rebuild .. but maybe part of the rebuilding is figuring out where you want to rebuild and who with .. all in all it’s just another opportunity to be informed of our ability to create a life where we thrive 🔮🔮