How to Thrive in this Intense Energy of Collective Soul Growth

Apr 26, 2023 | Energy, Growth, Spiritual Growth, Transformation

How to Thrive in this Intense Energy of Collective Soul Growth


All that is occurring holds the energetic codes for us to discover and become our true potential. Does it feel like everything around you is already in a full-blown transformation and you need to catch up? Are you looking for a sign from the universe on how to navigate these changes? Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum of expansion keep reading and discover how to thrive in this intense energy of collective soul growth.

We have tremendous astrological shifts playing out in our sky. Many astrologists believe we won’t experience collective and personal transformative energy like this more than once or twice in a lifetime.

One major occurrence is Pluto entering Aquarius. This brings the powerful energy of death and transformation in our collective and personal world. Look for changes in technology, humanity, and political and financial structures norms.

Saturn enters Pisces. This eventually guides us to sweet harmony between our soul’s awareness and our human experience. You will be guided to access and even celebrate the creative, flowing, sensitive energy of pieces in this Earthly experience.

Throw in some eclipses, mercury retrogrades with our ever-changing sky and you have some powerful energy.

To be sure I’m simplifying everything that is going on astrologically so I’m approaching it a little differently. I have tuned in psychically to share how you can evolve spiritually during this mega transformative time.

How You Might Feel in This Energy

Right now, you might notice dips in your energy. Sometimes you feel incredibly inspired to break out of every confining situation and relationship you’re in, and other times you have no idea what is tugging at your heart.

The planetary changes are activating energy to help us kick old karmic patterns and beliefs. We are being guided to heal both collective and individual karmic wounds.

Imagine you are in a boat moving down a body of water. The rudder is our Karma, or lessons to be experienced as we evolve.

This karmic rudder pulls us into waterways that help us learn new skills and overcome fears. We might even find ourselves needing to assist others in our boat. The unsettled current brings us to places we never thought possible. Here in the waves, deep healing and love occur; we find ourselves connecting with a lifeline of peace.

Each of us has an internal rudder that can navigate these times with wisdom and grace; bringing us to a foundation of respect for self and others, kindness, and abundance. A high vibrational life, or in other words, a Christ consciousness is awaiting each of us.

As our karmic debts are lifted the rudder is no longer needed. We merge with the peaceful flow of life, resisting and fearing nothing.

Eight Ways to Thrive in this Time of Soul Growth

1) Take back your power. This time will bring changes in our social norms and politics. It will also help you see where you gave your power away. You might notice where you put faith in things that were not true. This is where the greatest transformations will take place.

2) Notice where your fears are active in your mind. This is a huge indicator of what area of your life needs your attention. Give power to your dreams and release the fear.

3) Find your group. There are many people connecting to higher vibrations now. This makes it easier to connect with like-minded people. This collective higher consciousness will grow at a rapid rate.

4) Staying grounded is really important in times of rapid change. This will help keep you feeling safe, but also help you receive the high vibrational energy.

5) Plan your life changes at a manageable speed and practice. Allow yourself room to grow and transform in a way that matches your inner world.

6) Meditate and reach for high vibrations; this is a time to turn inwards. We really are each changing from the inside out.

7) Trusting your feelings is huge. Each of us is finding our truth and what we need to thrive in this world. It will look differently for everyone. Your place of safety may be found on the same foundation or platform as your brother, but at a different point of contact. We can live our truth by the side of others, who have a little different view of the world. Each of us has different lessons, therefore for truths.

8) Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from creating a life you love. The Universe is helping each of us find our way back to a truth where there is a balance of power. You are taking everything you learned from the past, (including many life times) and displaying them in a new way.

Wrapping it Up

The seeds of our future are being planted right now. Of course, we could say this on any given day; but the difference is the energy of today is a portal to very futuristic experiences.

Here are some of the highlights of what I see.

We will have access to different power grids. Prior to using new power sources there will be some challenges with meeting the electrical needs of people on Earth.

People will begin to metabolize differently and their food sources will change. I know this sounds very strange, but it looks like we develop new ways to fuel our mind and body. This is not just food sources, but light.

The monetary system becomes very liquid. Challenges will need to be overcome when creating a shared monetary system. It almost looks like we will experience a barter type regional system, until things normalize.

We begin to rely on smaller communities. The beautiful thing about this is how our small communities heal and then expand into much larger high vibrational consciousness groups.


Channeled Message

You are completely supported by Earth. In the distance you can see the shifting of all things rooted in fear.

You see electrical currents flash across the sky.

Soon you feel a force of energy pull you from complacency, but the Earth holds you steady. The wind comes through and removes everything you no longer need. Your beliefs and way of life are restructured in an instant.

There is a part of you that sleepily watches your old view of life drift away.

Now you feel the energetic currents flow over you, activating a part of you that has been asleep for life times.

You are fully present in this moment and ready to show others the way.

releasing connecting and discovering you in sedona

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