How You Can Thin The Veil And Easily Live A Magical And Intuitive Life

Jan 17, 2024 | High Vibrational Life, Other Side, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

How You Can Thin The Veil And Easily Live A Magical And Intuitive Life

Have you heard about the veil that separates us from the other side, where our loved ones and God hang out? Have you wondered what it is, and do you possibly hold the desire to thin this veil? This blog is written for those that are ready to remove the confusion of the veil that is separating them from their most receptive self, and the magic of a high vibrational life.

What is The Veil

The veil isn’t a physical barrier as much as it is, an energetic barrier. It is simply the belief that you are separate from God, your loved one’s, or the very things that you inspire to have in your life. 

Think of the veil as a combination of three things.

  1. The first part is our Karmic mindset; this is both collective and individual. This mindset is what holds the lessons of our Earthly experience. As we evolve, our mindset changes and this welcomes new ways of being in our world. Right now we are going through an amazing collective evolution. 
  2. The second component is the collective consciousness, be it loving or fear based.
  3. The third and most important part of the veil is your personal thoughts and beliefs. All of these can shift in a nanosecond. 

When the veil thins, it doesn’t just offer psychic experiences, it is where you easily manifest in the love and awareness of God. 

It is key to remember that whatever you put out into the Universe, is your personal creation of the veil. This becomes your view of the world, and your ability to connect with a loving Universe, loving ancestors and all that is. With this being said, how do you move through the world? Is your life mostly filled with purpose and inspiration, or is it fraught with heavy distractions and complications? 

Eleven Ways to Thin Your Personal Veil

Notice how you communicate with yourself. Do you use loving language and thoughts when you think about yourself? This is literally how you are communicating with the Universe, and everything around you will respond accordingly. Loving language thins the veil for all of us.

What acts of self love do you afford yourself? This might be slowly stretching and bringing more ease into your body and mind. It also might be eating brightly colored healthy fruits and vegetables. Whatever your acts of self love are, they will be mirrored back to you. The more you love yourself, the more love you will be receiving, this also thins the veil for each of us. 

Your ability to move through life with ease and grace offers an easy stream of life experiences. When we live life heavily attached to specific outcomes, it creates heaviness and blocks in the veil. Letting things flow, allows all the energy around you to flow easily. 

Remember the world is huge and complex. Not everything is about you, allow things to occur without taking it personally. Having the mindset that puts your needs against the world, creates a huge barrier of heaviness in the veil. It makes it harder to receive and live in the flow of life. Recognizing our connection to all that is, thins the veil for all of us.

Viewing others with compassion is a huge step in thinning the veil. This requires you to move through life with an open heart and a high vibrational awareness. Compassion for self and others is a gift to us all, and opens portals throughout our veil. 

Viewing life as just an experience creates ease and thins our veil. Sometimes we need to remember to slow down and not allow occurrences to shatter our world. There is always more than meets the eye. When we are able to view a different possibility, the veil thins and creates many new openings for us. Each new perspective brings new portals to Grace and Ease and Love.

Spiritual Practices create strong bonds and portals to the other side. Faith not only thins the veil, but it is a fast track to connecting with the other side. Think of prayer and meditation as creating your personal portals and vortexes to the other side.

Living in the moment is another way to thin the veil. We all have goals and take action steps, but if we don’t have gratitude for this moment, we are not living with an open heart. We end up missing the Universal connection. Living in the past is just scurrying your way through life in a linear way. It creates a tunnel far beneath the energetic energy of the veil.

Allow yourself to live intuitively. Logic has its place in this world, but if you never live intuitively, you are missing your connection to the other side of the veil. Intuitive living creates nice pathways through the veil to the other side. 

What do you give your time and energy to? What do you prioritize in your life? Do you make room for loving and joyful activities and thoughts or are you weighed down by burdens? The heavier and denser you move through life, the heavier your veil is. The good news is this; the veil responds immediately to your positive changes.

Do you have good boundaries, or do you give mixed signals and live with chaos? Lovingly maintaining boundaries will help you be a clear channel and receive exactly what you are asking for. If you live life with distractions and very few boundaries, your veil and life will be filled with debris, obstacles and other unwanted stuff.

Pulling It Together

Each of us have thoughts and behaviors that are high vibrational and some that are lower vibrational. Changing these habits sometimes comes quickly, by an act of God, other times it is painfully slow.

Imagine the effort it takes to bend a spoon, with just using your mind. That is nothing compared to some of the karmic mindsets that we are trying to transform. Some of our life lessons are like moving a giant boulder with just the power of our mind. A couple of these boulders are so large, we need to slow down our mind and go into the cold shadows of our thoughts. This will help us understand our attachment to this dark, heavy boulder that must to shift for the light to come in. 

The beautiful thing about this journey is that we each have phenomenally powerful minds that can be used for the good of all. We also have an amazing capacity for love, forgiveness and compassion. Nothing stays the same, all obstacles can be navigated in a way that allows the light to shine brightly. I will always believe in miracles and know these changes can happen in a flash of awareness. 

One Final Thought

Practice allowing yourself to feel the moment just before you inhale. Imagine this moment holds the pause of emptiness and pure potential. As you inhale your thoughts begin to take form. This is where change begins. 

I would love to share an experience of transformational high vibrational energy with you. If this resonates with you, consider joining me in April at my Sedona retreat. You can also take part in psychic reading or a spiritual and psychic development class. Wherever you are on your journey, know that you are amazing and nothing is set in stone for eternity:) 

Channeled Message

All that you are capable of experiencing is designed before this life. 

This moment was created before your first breath; but it’s certainly more than just your current perception of who you are. 

Every experience has its different vibrational levels and holds opportunities for growth and love. As you begin to train yourself ( see yourself) as able to reach those feelings of joy, inspiration and even curiosity about the potential of the human experience and even the idea of life beyond time and earth, you rise to an understanding that remains untouched by your logical thoughts. 

This is purely the opportunity to expand within love, but more than the typical idea of love. It’s love for the experience and the possibilities of every thought. Certainly you share this with others, but it’s first about your ability to move without confinement through the Universal system of thoughts and energy free of form. 

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