Messages with Polly Wirum – Special Guest Armina Bridgeman

May 5, 2017 | Bi-Weekly Blog


Special Guest: Armina Bridgeman 
She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator and Practitioner, having grown up around horses all her life Armina has noticed the changes that these simple tools and amazing processes can offer to horses and people to choose different and create different possibilities in their lives and with their bodies. Access Consciousness offers a different way of Being with ease, joy and glory. How does it get any better that that? 

​​~Polly is an intuitive and an inspired life coach. She also loves to take calls and answer any questions about life that you may have.

P.S. She meditates just before each show for the theme of each week and there is normally no pre-planning. Check out her Website and Join her newsletter and you can request your free 10 min Reading.

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