The Surprising Otherworldly Secrets I discovered When Visiting A Jesuit Mission in Mexico

Jan 5, 2022 | Bi-Weekly Blog

The Surprising Otherworldly Secrets I discovered When Visiting A Jesuit Mission in Mexico

Places of worship like temples, churches and missions might hold some of the best indicators of the mindset and growth of a culture. Think about all the weddings, funerals and other practices that bring us together on a regular basis. They carry so much emotion, joy, grief and everything in between. Does the rich intensity fill up the cavernous rooms and seep into the foundation? I think so. Keep reading and discover the otherworldly secrets I discovered at a Jesuit Mission in Mexico.

Recently I enjoyed a family vacation in Loreto, Mexico. The beaches, water and people were amazing. However, I had one day that offered me something completely unexpected.

We signed up for a Christmas Eve tour of a Jesuit Mission located in the Sierra de la Giganta Mountains. My mindset prepared me for a peaceful experience that would allow casual exploration of the sacred mission and settings.

The night before the tour set the tone for my adventure. I had a dream where I was asked to help the dead see the light. When people died but could not, or would not go to the light, my role was to show them the doorway to Source or the other side. When I woke up, I tried to shake the dream off.

The day continued to progress into more unusual experiences.

Our tour guide picked us up in a comfortable van. He shared a lovely history about the town of Loreto and the surrounding area. We even walked through a mission filled with very soothing and peaceful energy in downtown Loreto.

At last, we began the very steep and narrow drive up the mountain towards the famous Jesuit Mission. Our guide’s stories began to change from feel good tales, to a dark and ominous history. Chronicles of how the original people of Baja Big Sur were almost wiped out by invading groups, mostly from European countries that carried disease and greed in their hearts.

We were told how prisoners were used to help build the mission. If they did not comply with the rules, they were beheaded. As we climbed higher, I began to feel tension in my body building. Looking out the windows we could see the steep cliff drop far below. There was a still worn path that was used to carry supplies to the mission long ago. On the other side vultures were circling high in the sky, waiting for something to die.

As we passed by one of the oldest established ranches in Baja, a little dog was lying on dirt next to the road. He looked like he needed some love.  At this point I felt like I had entered a time warp, back to 1700. I could feel the tense emotions of pure survival. It was as though the land, ranches and mindset had not kept pace with evolution.

Finally, we made it to the little town that held the mission. I was hoping the energy would shift, now that we could get out of the van. There was no such luck.

The town is very small, and held tightly by the dense energy from long ago.

Some might say it is beautiful to find a place untouched by time. The exception is a place that is holding onto the pain, fear and strife from centuries ago.

The land and mission both felt more haunted than ghost towns I have visited.

I could see and feel clashing energies surrounding the mission.  A scaffolding of heavy energy was protecting the fortress, which some consider a place of worship. It felt like the founders’ purpose was conquering everything, with complete disregard for the land, animals and natives.

There was a lone goat tied by a rope around its neck. He called out to whoever would listen. The Earth felt like she had pulled back her abundance, waiting for someone to honor her. Nearby an ancient canal held water with floating trash.

Past the Mission there was an olive tree over 300 years old. It was here that I finally connected to peace and Golden light. When this energy is fully recognized the healing of the grounds, history and mountain side will begin.

I could almost feel Mother Earth wanting to open up and receive tenderness and care, to wipe away the pain and suffering that had occurred for so many years. In turn, the gift of abundance would flow.

Spirit was calling for transformation. Beckoning children to come and play, animals to be cared for, indigenous people and Mother Earth to be remembered. I touched the olive tree and shared prayers of gratitude for her lovingly holding the healing energy in place.

I could feel the angels floating on top of the mission, waiting to guide us home to peace.

Later that day, I swam in the sea water and meditated until I fully released the energy of the experience. Our family celebrated the love of our ancestors, angels, guides and Source at our evening meal. We were all grateful for our time together on a beautiful planet with such welcoming people.

May we all experience peace and compassion in our hearts and homes in this new year.

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Channeled Message

Even when pain has been woven into a man’s life, love will bloom as the soul is remembered.  It is here that we know truth.

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