How to Manifest Your Best Life with The Energy of 2022

Dec 22, 2021 | Bi-Weekly Blog

How to Manifest Your Best Life with The Energy of 2022

One of my favorite times of the year is headed our way and impossible to miss. We are about to experience a pause that highlights a line drawn in the cosmic landscape of time. It is the ending of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. Keep reading and discover how you can manifest your best life with the powerful energy of the collective spiritual evolution found in 2022.

Key Components of 2022 Energy

The simplest way to understand the overarching energy of 2022, is to imagine a sacred vessel holding the catalyst for karmic healing, self-love and personal empowerment.

2022 is designed in a way that makes it almost impossible to move laterally in life. The upward expansion is limitless, the lateral moves are restricted. It is also difficult to travel in a downward spiral, in other words don’t worry about losing ground in your spiritual evolution.

The Universe will close all doors that don’t lead you into an upward spiral. What this means is, if you are changing jobs, relationships or any other big shift, it won’t be successful unless you are seeking something that is aligned with a healed and healthy you, an energetic shift upwards.

So, if you keep running into obstacles, pause and do a vibrational check. Are you repeating past mistakes, or family traumas? Only make choices that resonate with your wellness.

It is easier now than ever to break patterns and habits, your life will be uncomfortable until you change. This is how the Universe will help you shift to higher vibrational thinking; an expanded version of where you are now. The guidance will show up in two ways, redirecting and supporting.

We are in the eye of a transformational superstorm.

Your strongest tools in navigating 2022 is your inspiration and self-empowerment. This is what pulls you into a high vibrational well of awareness. Pursue what brings you joy, makes you happy and opens your mind to other possibilities.

Life might not make sense, but you will be supported on all imaginative and heartfelt actions.

To thrive in this pivotal time, we need to shift from fear to trust and discover ourselves in the collective world around us. Don’t get frustrated if you hit a block, or run into a closed door, that is the way the Universe says, “choose again.”

For those people that are stuck and reluctant to change, anxiety may occur. Without a creative outlet you might feel overwhelmed with the surplus of life force energy that is available. If this is you, take baby steps towards exploring what brought you joy as a kid?

Energetic Themes of Each Month

Now that you have an idea of what 2022 offers, here are the more subtle themes of each month. Remember the powerful energy of transformation and support for your highest potential is stronger than anything else.

January holds the energy of good luck, good news and opportunity. It might not seem easy to grasp in the beginning of the month but will be readily available towards the end.

February holds the energy of strength and holding your ground. This can be good, but make sure you do not become battle wary from feeling like you need to protect yourself. Perhaps it’s time to find a new approach in an old situation.

March also holds the energy of discovering your personal power and strength. We will also experience a generous amount of energy to make your personal enterprises successful.

April holds the energy to help us release fears and blocks from our path. It will be easier to align your heart, actions and mind. The key is to let go of what you are so tightly holding.

May holds the energy of the universe helping us completely let go of what no longer serves us. This holds a big learning curve for those that have been holding tightly to certain outcomes. It is a month that helps you surrender and recognize there is nothing to control in the flow of life.

June holds the energy of satisfaction. If you learned to trust in the Universe, you are now experiencing the potential of what co-creation can feel like. It’s like learning how to stand up on a surfboard. It gets easier with practice.

July is such a beautiful month for emotional abundance. You might experience an incredible connection with Source during meditation or with the collective. It also might show up with a new love interest or relationship. It’s very good stuff!

August holds the energy of expansion. Something changes that allows you to see the world and the collective with a much more expansive view. This experience is a gift however it plays out in life.

September holds the energy that supports a wellness practice, discipline, and direction. It is a month that you may gain more clarity on your purpose. Your discipline will pay off.

October will bring about personal change. Interestingly, I think we will also see this in our political world. 2022 is all about transformation. Whatever change occurs will help you and our collective discover our highest potential.

November holds the energy of restoration, and the desire to share goodness with others. Happiness is available in solitude and groups, wherever your heart sings.

December holds the energy that readily supports any inspired action you take. If you have been waiting to make a commitment or take a sacred action, this might be the perfect time for you.

Where Did I Heal?

At the end of the year, we will each be able to answer the following questions.

  • Where did I heal?
  • Where have I found more self-love and joy?
  • How am I empowered?

Each of us will have grown and expanded in our Universal wisdom.

Remember if life seems to be a struggle, choose again. We have free will and this is an extraordinary time to experience spiritual transformation. If you are seeking insight on how to navigate life reach out to me at You can experience a psychic reading, life coaching or a healing session.

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