Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Dec 26, 2021

This week is interesting because it is all about discovering neutrality; meaning removing expectations and labels. Imagine feeling extremely satisfied with your accomplishments of winning at the materialistic gamefish life. As you begin looking closer at what you have acquired, you realize it was all shine with an empty promise. Some might feel like they were left holding the bag and getting blamed for a failed project.. others might just feel like they were sold an empty bag of goods.. How ever this shows up in your life, it is a great reminder to connect with your energy and disconnect from anything and anyone that is not aligned with your truth. The next is seeking joy from a place of neutrality.. joy for the sake of joy .. not because of what others think .. This is about you rediscovering with u feel like away from expectations and others beliefs .. sometimes it takes a little reminder that we are not our stuff .. Enjoy this week .. and soon we will celebrate 2022 🙏🙌