Discover What Playful Energy Is and How it Can Change Your Life

Jan 19, 2022 | Bi-Weekly Blog

Discover What Playful Energy Is and How it Can Change Your Life

Have you found yourself rolling through life expecting the same thing day after day? Maybe you have forgotten how to anticipate and allow new opportunities in your world. Keep reading and discover what playful energy is and how it can change your life.

One of my favorite tools for quick inspiration is getting outside, preferably on a hiking trail. I do this because I love the sense of freedom, and expansion of playful energy. It clears my mind and brings me joy.

This morning was no exception. I left my house at sunrise, with my four-legged trail companion. As we climbed up into the valley, we could see hot air balloons in the distance. A couple minutes later, a coyote with a stunning coat of reds, browns and white colors, met us on the trail. He paused, and looked at us before he dropped off into a ravine.

About five minutes later I was blessed with the magical sounds of howling coyotes. Their songs filled the morning. For some unknown reason; something cracked wide open in me. I connected with the sacredness of the moment. It was as if I understood their messages and knew their story.

I felt myself wanting to call back to the coyotes.

Eventually my companion and I moved on, but the high vibration stayed with me, it was pure magic. I was inspired, and felt my energy had shifted. I recognized a deep connection to All That Is.

If you are seeking a shift, keep reading and discover some playful energetic practices that can easily fit into your life. You will also learn the benefits of enjoying this expansive energy.

Here are Five Easy Tips to Help You Choose a Playful Activity:

  1. Look for something that is noncompetitive.
  1. Choose activities that have no rules. Do whatever feels good!
  1. Consider something that encourages you to use your imagination.
  1. Explore activities that have no end goals or requirements; this will allow you to follow your heart.
  1. Recognize that sometimes you will be on a solo experience and other times you will share your play with others.

Five Examples of Playful Practices That Can Change Your Energy:

  1. Take time to listen to music, dance and sing. You might even enjoy participating in karaoke.
  1. Explore nature. This could be hiking, taking pictures, skiing, kayaking, whatever makes your heart sing. Make sure to pause and connect with your surroundings.
  1. Enjoy an artistic adventure. Maybe you create a masterpiece in the sand that is washed away by the sea. The creative and playful energy will stay with you, long after the art.
  1. Gardening for the sake of being outside, touching the dirt and feeling the sunshine. There is nothing to do, but enjoy the sensations of all the elements.
  1. Games like charades or even board games can be a great way to shift energy and reconnect with people. Just remember to allow flexibility with the rules.

Nine Beneficial Ways Playful Energy Can Change Your Life:

  1. Help shift energy blocks and move stagnant energy; this is key to successful manifesting.
  1. Helps you let go of any thoughts that play endlessly in your head. This allows more of your energy to be available for inspired thoughts and actions.
  1. Opens your heart to sharing and receiving love.
  1. Clears your mind and helps you gain clarity on what inspires you.
  1. Puts you in the state of allowing; this is key to manifesting your dreams!
  1. Helps you connect to joy.
  1. Brings a fresh perspective on life.
  1. Opens up your heart to gratitude.
  1. Brings beautiful emotions into the moment. This can release emotional blocks that have been preventing you from experiencing a variety of emotions.

I hope this has helped you come up with some playful activities you want to explore and maybe you have someone to share them with.

I can attest to the power of play, not just with my clients, but my own life. Sometimes we think we don’t have time for meditation, playful activities and other forms of self-care, nothing could be farther from the truth.

When we make room for high vibrational activities we are rewarded with a joyful and love filled life.

When you are ready to activate change with joy, contact me at We can explore playful activities, a psychic reading and life coaching.

Channeled Message

Intentionally manicuring your energy to help you experience ease and grace is not complicated. Imagine yourself as an energetic being that is held together by thoughts and beliefs that connect and form something similar to a net. This mesh-like form allows Universal energy to flow through.

If your thoughts and beliefs become dense and heavy, they begin to block the flow of life force energy. This is why bringing new activities, new thoughts and inspired actions can help release the blocks, chords and other stagnant energy. They can be set free and transformed into something fresh and new. You will regain your state of wellness.

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