Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Jan 23, 2022

There are several layers to what we can each experience in our own unique way this week. Release ..

You are either releasing or being released from something that was holding you back. We will be Settling in or finding a more grounding environment. After you are released it brings a finality or settling in to a new position. Embrace the new feeling, but don’t allow it to become a form of stagnation or entrapment. This shift is temporary.. Soon you will be flexing in new directions with new insights . What are you turning towards ?

This week pay extra attention to where your thoughts go and your focus lands.. Your ability to have clarity on your truth and your dreams will have huge impact on your wellness and joyful practices. This week can be a big shift for many of us, not just because we have been released from some constraint, but there will be a shift in what we are aligned with. This calls for clarity on what we are turning towards .. in the past perhaps we choose substances or addictive activities.

Hopefully this week you will turn towards that which inspires you and stokes your fire of self expression and empowerment. You can find that at the end of the week it was almost effortless on how you made changes in your life .. The less effort needed the more you are working with the Universe .. if you experienced great effort .. ask yourself what else can I release .. it might just be expectations on yourself and others . Have a great week and keep me posted on your cosmic shift🙏