Messages with Polly Wirum – Special Guest Cheryl Lynn

Apr 20, 2017 | Bi-Weekly Blog


​Special Guest: Cheryl Lynn
This week’s guest is Cheryl Lynn – a psychic, futurist, and spiritual teacher. Her accurate yearly predictions on You Tube have astounded people throughout the world. Cheryl is currently writing a book titled “Do You Want To Know?” which will be published in 2018. Her life’s purpose is to be a light-worker working with the new generation of humanity that has evolved and will continue to evolve. 

​~Polly is an intuitive and an inspired life coach. She also loves to take calls and answer any questions about life that you may have.

P.S. She meditates just before each show for the theme of each week and there is normally no pre-planning. Check out her Website and Join her newsletter and you can request your free 10 min Reading.

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