Our Personal Wellness Is Reflected In Our World

May 10, 2019 | Past Lives, Current Loves, & Your Future

Our Personal Wellness Is Reflected In Our World
In the past week I have shared many conversations with people who are seeking advice on how to live life with peace and wellness.  Too many people are experiencing anxiety, chronic illness and general poor health.
A couple days ago I met with one of my clients.  Amanda works full time and is married, with two very young children.  She unknowingly offered some great advice while sharing a work related issue.   A committee she is on, requires everyone to pitch ideas and have them presented by just one person.  One of her coworkers is afraid Amanda won’t get credit for her individual input.  My client was surprised by this idea.  Amanda  shared that she doesn’t have the time or energy to worry about what people may or may not do.
She nailed it!  None of us has the time or energy to worry about what may or may not happen!  That is a very valuable piece of a wellness model.  Speaking of a wellness model, we should each have one.  The first step requires asking yourself what does personal wellness looks like to you.  Give this some thought.  Do you see yourself living a life free of doctors? Do you see yourself taking medicine.  Do you see yourself having time for alternative therapies? What  colors, smells, textures bring calm to you.  Do you want animals in your life? What food do you eat.  What people are in your life of wellness? Do you want naps and unscheduled time?   Do you need the city or the quiet?  Where do you live?  Do you want to travel?  What are your spiritual practices? Where do you feel best?  What inspires you? Answering these questions can provide you a blue print for your wellness model.
Your ideal wellness model may not fit with your current life style.  If it doesn’t fit, make the changes you need to be well.
Returning to the idea of wasting time and energy on what may or may not happen, reminds me of our Western Medical Model.  Treatment is based on looking for problems.  In other words you focus on the what if..  You get lab work, and other procedures looking for potential problems.  Many people wait anxiously for the answers, only to hear more tests are needed.  This scenario puts our time and energy into looking for illness.  Why not notice what is working well for you? What part of you feels great? Even if you have to go back to a memory of feeling great.  One person shared with me that she never feels good leaving a doctor’s appointment.  The appointments are focused on possible problems; not what is working.
Most wellness models will have a balance or self care, spiritual practices, communities, Western Medicine, and alternative therapies. The really important concept is, Wellness Models are not treatments, they are lifestyles.
Every time we decide to not engage in conflict or worry, we are choosing wellness.
When we honor what feels good to us, we avoid chronic illness.  When we trust our gut instinct on what we need emotionally and physically; we thrive.  This takes us to the idea that we must have faith in our mind, heart and body’s connection to the universe.  If we let go of the worry, we live simply and beautifully… This takes faith!  It takes faith to surrender and say I believe.
Know that if you trust in what your heart, mind and body seek; you will thrive.
Remove what the ego might be seeking.  If you are staying in a unhealthy situation because of money, or what people will think; pause ..  Have faith and compare your life to your wellness model.  Allow yourself to believe in miracles; they will come.
The closer our lives mirror our wellness model; the more peace and love we experience.  The farther we drift from our wellness, the more chaos, stress and fear we have in our life.  As we fall from our wellness, we loose sight of what heals us. We create space for things that are not ideal for us.  The further we drift; the worse our life feels.
Choosing resentment, worry and fear leads us farther from our wellness.
Just for a moment, imagine that humanity has drifted far from our collective wellness model.  The tragedies that occur globally, as well as the damage to our Mother Earth, cause people to wonder what horrible thing is happening next.  Our news and social media act in a similar fashion to western medicine, focusing on what is wrong.
Let go of the fear and choose wellness.
What would our world look like if we focused on what is going well?  If each one of us committed to our personal wellness model; our world would thrive!!!   Honoring your personal wellness ; honors our global wellness 🙂
Channeled Message
Know that your ability to heal emotional and physical wounds is as natural as breathing. Each breath brings in wellness..  Each exhale releases pain.
Your awareness is shifting and taking you to a place of relaxation.  You can feel your body and mind letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you.  The drifting from your place of wellness has come to a halt.  You notice your body beginning to respond to the whispering of healing.
Higher vibrational energy begins to surround you and protect you. The new energy you created, offers an opening to release everything you no longer need.  You relax.  Your body physically responds.  You smile.  You know what hope feels like.
You are vibrant.
Love is a vital part of your life.  It can be found every where you look.  Wellness is overflowing.  Your ability to heal is celebrated.  You attract what you need to thrive.
You are inspired by life.
Solitude is where you hear the clearest notes and the brightest colors.   You allow your body and mind to experience your connection to the Universe or God as direct contact.  You understand there is no disease, death or separation.
We welcome you back to your complete, whole self.

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