Ten Steps to Updating Your Life Story by Changing Your Mindset

Feb 16, 2022 | Creating Dreams, Energy, Manifesting

Ten Steps to Updating Your Life Story by Changing Your Mindset

Energetically you are in a constant state of change, this offers endless opportunities to refresh your life story. Now, truly is the perfect time to not just discover, but drop any unhealthy beliefs you have been loyal to. With a little discipline these narratives can be rewritten. Keep reading and discover how to update your life story by changing your mindset.

One of my clients, Marta, is experiencing frustration, fatigue and even heartache over her current employment situation. She is in a role that doesn’t inspire her, and she finds herself constantly worrying about losing her job. This is not a good fit for anyone that desires stability and a creative life like Marta does.

This very talented woman feels worn down and even broken. She is desperate and wants immediate change. Her mindset has been narrowed by fear and she has created a block towards an easy and successful job transformation.

As Marta releases her old story, she will see opportunities and blessings that were being overlooked by a vision clouded by fear and a grief filled heart.

When Marta and I discussed her life story in relation to her career situation, she recognized her fear of failure and her mindset of lack. Marta has been loyal to the belief that life is a struggle until you die.

With this clarity of her deep-rooted beliefs, we got to work; now she has the power to manifest a fulfilling job. Keep reading and discover how you can let go of an old story as you welcome miracles and love into every day.

Top Ten Steps to Successfully Let Go of an Old Story

1. Self-exploration is often needed to identify what area of life is feeling heavy, dull and uninspired. This stuck and lifeless area is where you will create a shift by releasing the old thoughts, and allowing new energy in. Identifying the area where pain is percolating, creates the opening for healing and change.

2. Next explore what story or belief system is feeding the pain. Perhaps it is the fear of failure, like Marta. She has never celebrated a success with anyone in her life. You might not be able to change a stuck mindset over the weekend, but you can begin to notice when your inner dialogue wants to share the old story. This awareness is enough for you to pause the negative flow of thoughts.

3. Where was your old story born? Often there is a string of incidents, relationships, and experiences that were hurtful, but not the origin of unhealthy patterns. Search until you find the root of the problem. It is not uncommon to assign the blame on a person or thing that is not the true problem. For example, Marta’s job is not a good fit for her, but the real issue is her fear of failure. She has created a job that allows her to sit in the energy of failure.

4. After you have identified the root cause, notice the grief and loss held in the origin of the pain. This could have been losing your sense of self, or even losing belief in hope and love. This grief can be very deep and traumatic; it bruises your heart and hinders self-love. It hurts.

5. Now that you have faced the grief and trauma, take a little break from life so you can process your feelings with a new awareness. Depending on the significance of the loss, you may need to schedule a little staycation or vacation and commit to your healing.

6. The next step is to stop honoring the old story. Don’t give it attention. Change any habits that support the fearful narrative. Come up with a list of things that make you feel good. Surround yourself with reminders of your feel-good thoughts. This will begin shifting your energy. You might even design a little mantra that supports the new story you are creating.

7. Implement basic self-love and care to heal your bruised heart. It’s time for you to thrive. Nurture and love all parts of yourself. Feed yourself good food, rest and honor your human self and your journey so far. You have already accomplished so much. Of course, you have the ability to change the course of your life! Make a commitment to yourself that you will continue to share love and respect with your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional self.

8. Meditation is an important step to creating a new life story. Meditation can help bring balance and a healthy shift in your awareness. This allows source energy to flow easily into your life. You will continue to heal on many levels, even after the miracles begin pouring into your life.

9. Prayer is a huge part of healing your heart. Stay connected to God, your angels and guides. This helps your heart stay wide open in gratitude and it becomes effortless to receive high vibrational energy.

10. Last but not least, be courageous with your dreams. Start creating your new story. Keep the pieces of your old story that are helpful and let the rest go. Allow your mind and heart to have moments of being untamed and wild. This is where you can begin again in ways you never could have imagined.

Marta began seeing miracles come in almost immediately after she identified the pain and decided to implement self-care into her life. An old friend reached out to her about a job possibility. She recognizes that creating a new story is essential for building a new life. There are many layers to heal, but she can experience a beautiful transformation now and continue to expand for the rest of her human journey.

If you are ready to rewrite your story, contact me at pollywirum.com. We can explore spiritual coaching, energy work or a psychic reading to help you discover your best life.

Channeled Message

Know that in all ways, your true design is impossible to hide. The human form is clothed and covered. Your energetic self, always visible, shines brightly with the light of your soul. You are always seen by God, honored by your guides and angels and recognized by the Universe and loved by your ancestors.

Remembering your true nature lights up your human life.


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