Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Feb 20, 2022

🌎🌱 This week it’s all about recognizing the limiting behaviors and thoughts that we have normalized in our lives .. not only have we accepted it, but then we share the fearful mindset with those we love most🌙. This week allow yourself to pause and push past self-imposed limits. Maybe there is a class you want to take, a friend you want to make , or a project you want to create, that in the past you believed it was what other people did. Allow yourself to expand and create in ways that inspire you. It is impossible to fail. Each of us are here to create, experience and expand .. The theme for this week is, Don’t waste this beautiful opportunity to learn something new about yourself as you help the collective grow and expand. I can’t wait to hear how you broke barriers, navigated challenges and lifted others up .. all because you answered your soul’s calling ❤️🌎🙏