Energy of the Week February 27, 2022

Feb 28, 2022 | Energy of the Week

Welcome to the Energy of the Week for Feb 27, 2022

This morning I had just put out bird seed, when a hawk flew in and grabbed a quail. Of course I was sad, but recognized it is the cycle of life. The energy of this week is similar to recognizing we have birth, death and rebirth and lots of experiences within .. This week we get to see where we have been hurt or wounded, and then look at how we are healing. What steps are we taking to mend our heart.. We also get to move to the awareness that humans do not need to prey on anything, including other humans for an abundant life. We have the ability to create from a higher consciousness all we need to thrive .. We can thrive collectively and individually , which is so much different then surviving .. or not. So this week look at where your energy of survival , attack and prey is being utilized.. This is where the wound is. Maybe right now you have freed yourself from that mindset and it is only in your past that you practiced fight or flight.. Send love to those areas ❤️❤️. We can also send love and healing all around the world , to all beings, plants, Earth .. the list is endless .. with a special surge of peace and compassion for Russia and all those being attacked.. This is a call for healing.. We have evolved beyond the need to weaponize ourselves.. Let’s each take a step towards freedom and claim peace by laying our individual weapons down.. I’m sending each of use the energy of courage, peace and compassion to guide us thru the week🙏

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