Turbocharge Your Manifestation Skills with a High Vibrational Faith

Feb 13, 2024 | Faith, High Vibrational Life, Manifesting, Spiritual Growth

Turbocharge Your Manifestation Skills with a High Vibrational Faith

Most people have an opinion of what faith is. For some, faith is worshiping a higher power that includes living by the doctrine of a specific religion. For other people, faith is having a deep conviction that everything will unfold in the best possible way. There are even some people that have faith in a life promising only disappointments. Wherever you land on the spectrum of these beliefs, keep reading and discover how to manifest your dream life with High Vibrational faith.

Elements of Faith

Religions often hold a belief and faith in a set of rules that followers are expected to abide by. There is often a hierarchy of people in the church or religious order. The individual worshiper may not feel free to determine what belongs in their life. The promise of heaven or glory in the after life is often a price paid in this lifetime.

Religions can offer a lovely community and support system, but without free will, or personal empowerment it takes away the ability to manifest a life that is unique and beautiful for every individual.

HIGH VIBRATIONAL FAITH always offers free will in creating a fulfilling life. If something isn’t a good fit you can always choose again, no judgment or shame.

Self Empowerment

Some people have great faith and confidence in their personal power. They believe accountability and working hard will help them win at the game of life. Self Empowerment is a quality we all need, but if there is no room for a loving influence, it can become fear based and morph into a controlling lifestyle.

HIGH VIBRATIONAL FAITH includes self empowerment that is inspired, bold, courageous, loving and not controlling. This beautiful energy follows heartfelt ideas and welcomes other people into their world.


Some people trust that everything will work out for the highest good; yet other people have faith things will never work out for them personally.

HIGH VIBRATIONAL FAITH includes an awareness and trust in a loving higher power that promises your highest good on all levels.

Blending Spiritual Practices, Self Empowerment and Receiving

Manifesting with high vibrational faith requires a balance of spiritual practices, acts of self empowerment and a belief that there are many layers and experiences to enjoy in every life. The most fulfilling life will have us taking action for what we want, adhering to a belief of a loving God or Universe and knowing Karma, healing and expansion are part of every human life plan.

15 Steps to Expand in Your High Vibrational Faith

  1. Let go of fear. Moving away from fearful thoughts will show you all the reasons why things can work out.
  1. Look for things that inspire you and act on them!
  1. Believe in unlimited possibilities. The only reason you will not succeed are the thoughts of potential failure that flow through your mind.
  1. Surround yourself with people ( even one person) who have the capacity to be grateful.
  1. Practice gratitude. Let God, your Angels and guides know you appreciate everything that is being offered.
  1. Form a relationship with the loving Universe, your guides and Angels. Talk with them. Get to know what they feel like.
  1. Follow a spiritual practice that welcomes magic in your life. This might be following the cycles of the moon, working with crystals ,or trying automatic writing. Have fun with this.
  1. Join a group that believes in miracles and other vibrational occurrences. This can be in person or virtually.
  1. Read or listen to stories about miracles in other people’s lives.
  1. Set your intentions for what you want in your life and how you want to feel.
  1. Be courageous and brave. Stay true to yourself. Live the life that feels best to you.
  1. Pray everyday. This can be a simple message of thanks to Source, or whoever your higher power is.
  1. Meditate daily, ideally in the morning. Allow yourself to harmonize with the loving Universe and your Angels, before you start your day.
  1. Visualize filling your home, body, family and friends with love and light daily.
  1. Practice being vulnerable and receiving loving gifts from the Universe. Know you are deserving of all the best.

Wrapping it Up

Are you manifesting with a high vibrational faith? Answering the following questions offers a great indicator of the type of energy you are creating.

Take a minute and write down something you would like to manifest.

What’s your mindset? Are you hopeful, positive and even excited about your goals?

What are your practices of connecting with the universe? Do you regularly pray, meditate or talk with your angels and guides?

Do you feel empowered? Are you bravely setting intentions and going after them?

How do you handle disappointments? Can you shake these off and try again?

If you would like to increase the vibration of your faith reach out to me at Pollywirum.com. You can join me in a high vibrational retreat, expansive life coaching or a psychic reading.  Wherever you are today, feel the sun, enjoy some deep breaths and make a loving connection:)

Channeled Message

It’s all up to you how you relate, expand and contract in this life and every experience of your very being. There is certainly nothing wrong with where you are and your observation of the world; but what if you could be lifted up into a series of events that erase your fear and doubt of self and others. This is transformation; erasing fear and doubt.

It begins with an awareness of possibilities of you and I merging as one and healing all imagined suffering. There is no separation within our energetic connection.

Today see the world and all that is, as one energetic being shifting consciousness into an awareness of God.

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