What are You Manifesting When Your Mind is Intoxicated on Substances or Stress?

Jun 21, 2023 | High Vibrational Life, Manifesting, Mindset, Stress, Transformation

What are You Manifesting When Your Mind is Intoxicated on Substances or Stress?

If this blog has found you, chances are, you have some belief about the manifestation process of your life and world. Have you wondered why some very unexplained things show up in your life? Do you ever experience crazy days that are jumbled, and at times difficult? Have you made a connection with distracted thoughts leading you to a very disconnected place in life? Have you manifested haphazard life situations because of mind altering substances? These are all fun questions. This blog is for you, if you’re ready to explore what you have manifested during stress or any other altered state of mind.

Earlier today I was having a delightful conversation with a friend about all the wild and unpredictable events that occur in each of our lives. Seriously, some of life’s twists and turns can’t be made up. The stories my friend shared made me laugh. I also pondered the possibility of our guides and angels imbibing in substances while guiding us through life. Imagine our spirit guides dreaming up an impossible life lesson for us while they are intoxicated and then being surprised we struggle to find balance.

Of course, the Universe, our guides and angels are not in an altered state of mind; but sometimes we are. This is an important point. Our power to manifest does not go away when we are not thinking clearly due to chemicals, stress, or distractions. Instead, we send confusing messages to a Source that responds accordingly. Our life becomes very stressful, and our path becomes unclear and at times out of reach.

It’s similar to naming your horse Stormy and being surprised when she is, well, uncontrollable, chaotic, and stormy. What we put out to the universe is the energy we ultimately create our life with.

The more time a person spends in an altered state of mind, be it chemicals, anger, depression or just distraction, the more their life will reflect it. Just as when we clear our mind with meditation or some other form of reset, our life will offer more clarity and peace.

An occasional altered state of mind is not going to ruin your life. It does call for balance through peaceful moments. This can be as easy as 10 deep intentional breaths or spending time in nature.

Of course, we can go deeper than this and look at the underlying belief systems that we each hold, but today let’s tackle something easy, our mindset:)

In the next week pay attention to when you slip into unhealthy mindsets. Next, practice clearing your mind with deep breathing, movement, or laughter.

Make decisions that support calm and clear decision making. Give yourself ample time that is unscheduled, so you can just breathe and think about what you really want in life. Let your thoughts flow in all the beautiful directions that will transform your life in magical ways.

Five Mindsets to Avoid When Creating Your Life

The distracted mindset loves to get caught up in the drama of other people’s lives. This mindset also loves to focus on things that are completely impossible to predict or control. It becomes very difficult to see your path, versus someone else’s path. This mindset will see chaos and drama in every step taken. It is challenging to see what the Universe is offering, because the focus is on other people’s lives and thing is completely out of your control.

The chemically altered mindset learns that nothing is as it appears. It makes life wildly unpredictable, painful, and unsteady. Even if you can see your life path, your life purpose is wafting off in different directions, impossible to hold on to.

The angry mindset welcomes everything that proves you have a reason to be disappointed and mad at the world. This mindset will create a life journey that holds plenty of obstacles that are infuriating to bump into. It creates a belief that the world is unfair and everyone is out to get you.

The depressed mindset offers a very limited amount of slow-moving energy to manifest with. It becomes difficult to see anything outside of what you have already experienced. This life path might feel narrow, unkind, and even unyielding.

The fearful mindset is afraid of seeing and believing that anything could ever work out in your favor. This will create a life journey that feels unsafe, lacks abundance and love.

If you are experiencing too much time in any unhealthy mindset, seek help. This might be a licensed therapist or a psychologist; or possibly a life coach or a good friend is all that is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Start Today

With a clear mind, communicate with Source, your angels and guides daily. All that is required is focusing on you and your dreams. Begin with gratitude for what you have, and see what happy thoughts follow. That’s it. Five or ten minutes in the morning and five or ten minutes every evening.

Learn to create a life that honors the practice of manifesting. Soon this will become your baseline for manifestation; gratitude and creative possibilities.

What about…

Life happens; sometimes we experience grief and other difficulties. Allow yourself to move through it. Recognize it for what it is and how you feel in that moment. It won’t last forever. Gradually new energies will become available and help heal your heart.

Wrapping it Up

You’re human. Enjoy your cake, frosting and an occasional unsteady mindset, just don’t let impulsive and intoxicating behaviors be your only guide through life.

When you are ready for peaceful and intentional living contact me at pollywirum.com Through intuitive coaching we will discover your common mindsets and develop practices to release the old patterns and create a new baseline for manifestation. Say “yes” to a guidance that offers clarity, joy, and purpose.


Channeled Message

As you discover your sacred connection with Source you begin to manifest a living, breathing experience.

You can feel creative arcs of high vibrational thoughts being released like shooting stars into eternity.

As you merge with other energetic vibrations everything shifts into a form that reaches galaxies far beyond our world.

Soon your mind and experience discover a depth of consciousness where eternal possibilities are guided by the curiosity of all that is.

You have found your place in the stars and beyond.

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