A Simple Daily Spiritual Practice That Will Kickstart Your Day and Change Your Life

Mar 27, 2024 | Growth, High Vibrational Life, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality

A Simple Daily Spiritual Practice That Will Kickstart Your Day and Change Your Life

Are you someone that struggles with creating a daily spiritual practice that is sustainable and easily fits into your busy life? Have you found it difficult to check in with the Universe daily? Are you ready to improve your wellbeing? Keep reading and explore a fool proof way to power up your day with a combination of prayer and meditation designed to transform your world. 

I am a big believer in both meditation and prayer. They flow beautifully together and are part of a daily spiritual practice that I welcome first thing in the morning. 

The following daily ritual grounds me and brings me peace; but it has also proven to help me manifest what I want in my life. I am going to share with you a simple, but powerful way to kick start every day and change your life. 

First thing tomorrow morning grab your favorite morning beverage and settle into a comfortable seated position where you will not be disturbed. You may need to set your alarm earlier to allow time for this experience. One of the most important things you can do is prioritize high vibrational life choices. 

Spiritual Practice Part One

The first step is easy. Settle in, take some deep breaths and think about what you are grateful for. I like to say “thank you” to my guides, God, and angels. An example might be having gratitude for your physical body, your ability to make choices and the loving support in your life, both seen and unseen. 

Keep it simple; say thank you for what you feel most grateful for. If this is heartfelt, what you are celebrating will evolve over time. For example, I almost always say I am grateful for my strong physical body and ability to make choices, but the other things I have deep appreciation for depends on what is going on in my life. 

Now that gratitude has opened your heart, you are ready for the next step. 

Spiritual Practice Part Two

Step two is a version of affirmative prayer. I make a list of what I want in my life. I write this as if it has already taken place and I am feeling very grateful for it. For example; I am loving my new home that is near trails and freshwater. I continue writing statements of exactly what I want in my life. I like to do this in the energy of the New Moon, but feel free to create your list right now! 

Every morning, I read three times the affirmative prayer statements that I have already created. This is a powerful manifesting technique. You are calling in with an open heart exactly what you want in your life. 

I finish step two with a simple Mala bead exercise. Holding the beads in my left hand, I touch each bead with the forefinger and thumb of my right hand. With every bead, I recite something that I am grateful for. 

There are 108 beads in every strand of mala beads. Touching each one and reciting what I am grateful for is very mesmerizing and clearing. It is a great way to connect spiritually and feel complete. 

Spiritual Practice Part Three

Now I am ready to check in with my chakras. I begin with my Earth star Chakra and finish with my Gateway Chakra. By the time I reach my crown chakra, I am in a very Zen state and ready to communicate with all high vibrational beings. 

At every chakra point, I say a couple I Am statements. Throughout this portion I check in and see how my body feels. 

To keep this simple, imagine the color of each chakra and where it is aligned with the body.  For example, you might see the root chakra as a red ball, vibrating at the base of your spine. The more you practice being in touch with your chakras, you will notice the colors and shapes shifting a little day by day. 

With practice you will begin to know what part of your life and body needs a little more love. 

Earth Star Chakra

Located: A foot or more below the root chakra

Colors: Brown, maroon, or black

Statement: I am grounded and feel supported

Root Chakra

Located: Base of spine

Color: Deep red

Statement: I am safe, and thriving in abundance 

Sacral Chakra

Located: Below the navel

Color: Orange

Statement: I am inspired, passionate and enjoy vibrant connections

Solar Plexus Chakra 

Located: Above the navel 

Color: Yellow 

Statement: I am empowered, and thriving 

Heart Chakra 

Located: At the heart 

Color: Green 

Statement: I am thriving in the flow of love

Throat Chakra 

Located: In the throat area 

Color: Blue 

Statement: I lovingly communicate with clarity 

Alta Chakra 

Located: base of skull 

Color: Teal 

Statement: My heart and mind are balanced 

Third Eye Chakra 

Located: Between your brows 

Color: Purple 

Statement: I communicate easily with my angels, guides, God, and all high vibrational energy 

Crown Chakra 

Located: The top of your head; right in the center 

Color: Violet 

Statement: I am filled with and guided by the love and light of God 

Soul Star Chakra 

Located: Above your head 

Color: White 

Statement: I am aligned with all that is and guided by the wisdom and love of my soul 

Gateway Chakra 

Located: About 18 inches above your head 

Color: Gold

Statement: I am receiving loving cosmic energy that helps with personal and planetary ascension 

Spiritual Practice Part Four 

The final part of my morning practice is simply sharing this beautiful energy all around the Universe. Knowing that the healing is being received by each of us, the Earth, our guides, and Angels. 

I also ask if there are any messages for me. This is when I may hear guidance on how I need to move through the day. Sometimes I receive a huge download of information that helps me see the Universe in a completely different way and other days it is just a few words of encouragement. 

Wrapping it Up 

My spiritual practice has evolved over time. I encourage you to have fun designing a daily tool for spiritual alignment that helps you receive and expand in gratitude. Use crystals, visualization, chants or whatever helps you connect with your team, feel complete and ready to go! 

If you are seeking to create a sustainable spiritual practice, reach out to me at pollywirum.com. We can discover your gifts in a psychic reading or a life coaching session. Wherever you are in your life, have fun prioritizing your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

Channeled Message

Our expansion process is rapidly shifting the awareness of many. Imagine great bursts of light impacting our individual and collective consciousness. 

There is a part of each of us that already knows the outcome of every journey. It has already been experienced in every imaginable way, and yet we return to make solace with past decisions, experience life lessons and finally to reenter our highest vibrational state again and again. 

We continue this cycle until we remember truly who we are.

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